Bill Knell is a popular Speaker, Author, Writer and Researcher. Although his work covers many diverse topics, he is best known as a Paranormal Researcher with over forty years of experience investigating UFOs and other Paranormal Mysteries. Bill has authored hundreds of articles, written several books and presented over 2000 seminars on Paranormal Phenomenon in the USA and Canada since the 1970s. He has appeared on popular TV shows like Hard Copy, A Current Affair, 20/20 and been a guest on CNN, Headline News, Fox News, CBC News, BBC News, PBS and other major Networks. Bill hosted a popular cable TV show in the NYC area sponsored by Time/Life that regularly beat the network news broadcasts in ratings and was nominated for an Emmy. Considered a UFO Expert by the media, Bill was a consultant to a number of films and TV productions including Independence Day, Men In Black, War Of The World's, The Fifth Element, Fire In the Sky and The X Files.

In 1989 a NYC bus filled with passengers drove past Kissena Park in Flushing, Queens on its regular route along a street bordering the park. As it passed an area by the east side of the small lake the driver and bus riders saw a bright glow on the other side of the lake which attracted their attention. The driver stopped the bus thinking he was about to witness a helicopter crash. Instead, everyone on the bus saw a circular object, about thirty feet in diameter, with odd lights was landing by a large tree. No sound was heard, but the thing emitted an odd glow. After a short time the object took off, brushing the branches of the tree. Later, that tree started to die on the side that made contact with the object. The grass died in a circular patter where the object landed and odd, rock like material was found in the circle and no where else in the park. Bill Knell received calls about the object on a UFO reporting number he had later that evening. An article about some of Bill's cases had just appeared in NY Newsday a few days before which also listed the UFO hotline number.

Publicist Mike Luckman and Researcher Bill Knell at the Kissena Park UFO Landing Site

The bus driver and some passengers notified authorities and word quickly spread to the local news media. A few reporters called Bill who said he was already investigating the incident which later became known as The Kissena Park UFO Landing Case. After a few days Mike Luckman, a NYC Publicist and longtime UFO buff, called Bill and offered to organise a press conference at Kissena Park. The event was well attended by the news media. With a few hours the story was on all the local TV and newsradio stations. Newspapers covered it as well. Another nearby park and former home of the New York World's Fair had even stranger events occur involving UFOs. These have become known as the Flushing Meadow Park UFO Encounters.

Within a short time news of the sighting spread around the world after Reuters and AP it to their news feed. Bill was interviewed at the park and at home by many members of the news media. He also did live guest spots on local, national and international radio and TV Stations. Media and public interest in the NYC landing peaked after Tass news in Russia reported a similar event in a park located in Vohronez, Russia. It is not all that unusual to have UFOs visit large cities as in the 1942 Battle Of Los Angeles.

Known as a popular radio guest, Bill has been heard on hundreds of radio shows in the USA and throughout the world. His guest spot on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory was one of the highest rated programs they ever had. Bill became a regular guest on many top rated programs including The Jay Diamond Show on WABC Talkradio in NYC and the Mike McConnel Show on WLW in Cincinnati. Articles about his research and cases have been featured in Fate, Omni, The New Yorker and thousands of newspapers, magazines and periodicals worldwide. A popular Speaker at Colleges and Universities, Bill broke auditorium events attendence records once set by The Beatles, Magician David Copperfield and Jay Leno at several schools. Bill credits interest in the subjects he covers, not his own talents or skills for these successes.

As a researcher of controversial topics Bill has managed to remain objective as opposed to being a True Believer or complete Skeptic. As a Christian and a Graduate of Liberty University he also approches the topic from a uniquely Christian standpoint that does not interdict his ability to be objective. He learned the importance of Objectivity in research from people like John Keel who wrote about Fortean Topics and authored The Mothman Prophecies. Bill had the opportunity to meet and converse with this legendary journalist and author several times over the years when the two spoke at varoius conferences.

A native New Yorker, Bill first became interested in the UFO topic in the 1960s after reading a book by Frank Edwards titled Flying Saucers Serious Business . Edwards was a credible journalist who believed that UFOs were intelligently controlled vehicles that were likely from another world. When writing his book on the subject Frank applied the same rules to UFO cases that he would to any other news story to be sure they involved "high strangeness" and could not be easily explained. Edwards was a reporter and radio host with impeccable credentials. He replaced Edward R. Murrow on the Mutual radio network. Frank Edwards had many influencial fans and friends including President Harry S. Truman.

After reading the book by Edwards, Bill soon became aware that Long Island and the New York Metro Area was a hot bed of UFO activity. Whenever he brought up the subject someone had a UFO Sighting story to tell. Many of the witnesses were first responders that tended to be out and about more than most people. Others were pilots that saw things while in flight they had not seen before. Later, while Bill was in Florida, a constant flow of UFO Sightings were reported to him by those who heard him on the radio, saw him on TV or read about his high school UFO Club in the newspapers. Some students and teachers reported seeing UFOs in the area near the school. On one occasion a disc-shaped object landed on the sports field of an elementary school, one late afternoon, less than a mile from Bill's high school. An area of affected grass appeared after that and several kids that were hanging out at the school had a couple of hours of missing time.

Growing up in East Meadow, Long Island, NY, Bill often heard stories about UFO sightings from pilots who were friends of his dad that lived in the area and had served in the Army Air Force during WWII. These were all credible witnesses. Just after the East Meadow Pool opened a UFO hovered over it in broad daylight causing a change in the water color. Thousands saw it, but the FBI issued a statement that it was actually an experimental vehicle of some sort that had accidently been directed to the wrong place. Most people accepted that story rather than consider the fact that this suburban Long Island town was visited by extra-terrestrials. The pool was closed for several days after the UFO incident for "cleaning". A former Nassau County Official named Inspector Larson came out to one of Bill's Seminars on Long Island and verified the incident explaining that he and others were tasked with keeping people off the pool property while it was cleaned and treated by workers in protective clothing. Even before the pool was built the property was known as a place where weird things happened as in the case of the Noon Inn.

Bill's family moved to St Petersburg, Florida in 1970. In 1972 he was enrolled as a sophomore at Boca Ciega High School in nearby Gulfport. There he started a UFO Club that met after school as his primary Mass Media class project. He also made a 16mm film about Pro Wrestling for that class. The film starred some of the top NWA Wrestlers. Bill met them while working out at Great Malenko's Gym in Tampa to get in shape for a Pro Wrestling program for teens interested in getting involved in the sport. Mrs Wiesemann, the Mass Media teacher, was impressed by both projects. She particularly liked the UFO Club because it encouraged involvement by anyone interested in the topic. Students came and discussed the subject, shared any sightings they had and were able to borrow books that Bill made available from his own large collection. Mrs Micheal, the school Librarian, heard about the club and stopped by to take a look. She was impressed by the number of students present and a presentation on the topic presented by Bill. She told her husband about it. The next day George Mitchell invited Bill for a guest spot on his popular early morning TV Show. Bill's guest spot went over big and he was invited back.

The attendence of the UFO Club ballooned. It was moved from the Mass Media classroom to a larger multi-purpose room. During the first meeting in the new room the school Principle stopped by and shared his own UFO sighting which occurred while he was in the U.S. Armed Forces. As a result of his appearances on the George Mitchell Show, Bill was invited for guest spots on morning radio shows and local TV news programs. Bill also began to receive invitations to speak at local Rotary and other clubs. The St Pete Library asked Bill to come a make a presentation about UFOs. It was standing room only and that presentation generated an article in the St Pete Times. From that point on Bill began accepting invitations to speak as time allowed.

Bill Knell shares details of UFO cases and sightings by such people as Walter Cronkite, Jackie Gleason, and JFK in his articles and videos. During a lunch he had with Cronkite, the veteran newsman told Bill that he witnessed a UFO shoot a blue beam at a missile in the 1950's. The military claimed it was a test to see how the media would react to a UFO event, but Cronkite and other reporters there didn't buy this explanation. Among some of the information that Dr Michael Wolf shared with Bill over the years as a friend, former U.S. Government Scientiist and Insider was this amazing story: At the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, MA, JFK and guests witnessed a disc-shaped craft around 60 ft.-in-diameter hovering several hundred feet from their boat. Dr Wolf and his wife were there when this happened. Howard Hughes also had some involvement with UFOs. He was said to be taken to a military base in 1947 and shown crashed UFO materials. It was "damnedest stuff I've ever seen," he reportedly commented. The government wanted him to find out what it was made of.

Jackie Gleason was a huge UFO buff who named his upstate NY mansion "The Mothership". After hearing Bill's guest spot on a radio show, Gleason arranged to meet him at a Fort Lauderdale hotel in the closed area of a bar and restaurant during the mid-1980s to discuss UFOs. Gleason shared details of his viewing of a "spacecraft" and alien bodies arranged for him by his good friend, President Richard Nixon. The viewing took place in a large hangar at MacDill AFB in Tampa, where he was shown a broken disc, parts of which were still hovering. Gleason said that he saw alien bodies, "in a good state of preservation," that resembled what UFO witnesses often describe as small, grey creatures with slightbodies and large eyes.

Not everyone was as fortunate as Jackie Gleason when it came to viewing the U.S. Government's biggest secret. Barry Goldwater, Senator and former Presidential Candidate, asked his good friend General Curtis "bombs away" LeMay to allow him into a special area at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio where LeMay was the Base Commander. Goldwater heard that the area he wanted to visit was where crashed or captured UFOs were kept. LeMay turned him down flat and warned Go!dwater never to ask again. Goldwater describes the incident in his own words.

Bill Knell is a professional writer. Although semi-retired, he still accepts various writing assignments. Articles on most any topic are his specialty. Bill is also a talented ghost writer for people who have an idea or story to tell without the skills to create a submittable book manuscript. Sorry, Bill does not accept term paper or technical writing assignments. Bill can be contacted on FACEBOOK. If you are interested in Christian resources, articles and topics, stop by Bill's Christian Resources website You Can Trust God. Read Bill's DIY, advice and other articles at Doctor Know.

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