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THE UFO GUY - eBook and Softcover Book by Bill Knell - Newly Updated Version - 2019

EBOOK Product Details

ISBN 9781257694709
Copyright - Bill Knell (Standard Copyright License)
Edition - First Edition
Published -, 2019
Language- English
Pages - 748
File Format - PDF
File Size - 31.03 MB
Product ID - 24202932

SOFTCOVER BOOK Product Details

ISBN - 9780359040124
Copyright - Bill Knell (Standard Copyright License)
Edition - First Edition
Publisher - UFO GUY Books
Published - 2019
Language - English
Pages - 596
Binding - Perfect-bound Paperback Interior
Ink - Black & white
Weight - 2 lbs

THE UFO GUY - Chapters in the Book

1. My Miraculous Birth, My Movie Shows and My Cousin
2. The First Responders, Hoeffner’s Corner and The Pool
3. Project Bluebook Secrets and Horrors
4. Two Barbeques
5. Does Rusty See Dead People?
6. Saucer Nests and Alien KIDnappings
7. Some Stories Are Crazy... True... and Perfect For Radio
8. The Three Stooges, The Films and ‘Flying Discs’
9. The Crash
10. The Cover-Up
11. Everything Is Not Always As It Seems
12. Florida Is Dee-lightful
13.New Schools, New Friends, New Weirdness
14. Moonwalkers, Al Capone and The Sisters
15. Trouble With “Spirits”
16. Ghosts Of Films Past
17. The House Flippers and Their Troubled House
18. Some People Never Learn!
19. The Luck Of The Scottish?
20. Dumb Decisions and Super SECRET Secrets
21. The Warehouse Noises and Brigadoon
22. A Colonel, Two Forts and Mary Ann
23. New School, New Life, New Challenges
24. The Colonel’s Angst and Marlon Brando
25. The UFO Club
26. Wrestling, My Movie, Terry, Educators, Mysticism
27. An Angel, Walter Cronkite and The Bahamas
28. Don‘t Over-Think Anything
29. Am I “Plumb” Crazy?
30. 1998 Incident On Boca Ciega Bay

THE UFO GUY - Synopsis

This book covers just the first eighteen years of my life, which was anything but normal. My cousin Ingrid became my Sister. My sister became a successful model. At 17 she established her own Fashion House and made me her Chief Operating Officer (COO). I was 14. We had to have our folks sign the incorporation and legal papers.

I became interested in UFOs and the Unexplained at nine when I rear FLYING SAUCERS SERIOUS BUSINESS by author, broadcaster and reporter Frank Edwards. After that I began listening to the stories pilots told my dad when they came over for BBQs. My dad and his friends were former Air Force Officers. They had lots of stories about seeing, following and being followed by UFOs during and after WWII.

I grew up on Long Island, NY. Dr J. Allen Hynek was a scientific advisor to Project Blue Book, a government study of UFO Sightings. They coined the phrase Unidentified Flying Objects. Hynek appeared on The Tonight Show just after Blue Book shut down in 1969. Johnny Carson asked hm where he thought the most UFO Sightings occurred in the USA? Dr Hynek did not hesitate for a second. He said, "Long Island."

I began to publish a monthly newsletter of UFO Sightings that I heard about from First Responders, Pilots and other credible witnesses. Penny Saver saw my publication and bought one of my articles for $15 as filler for their throw away sheet. They had no idea I was 10. This book is not just a collection of UFO stories; It's much more and somewhat personal. That's the only way I can explain how I became a publisher Author, UFO 'Expert' and media sensation before my eighteenth birthday.

You'll enjoy the stories because all of them are exclusive. You'll learn about UFO Sightings byJFK, CBS News Anchor Walter Cronkite and what Jackie Gleason told me he saw in a Florida Air Force Base hangar. You'll also discover what the government asked Howard Hughes to do for them concerning UFOs. This is a lengthy book, but never a boring one!

THE UFO GUY - Preview

The UFO Guy has authored hundreds of articles, written books and presented over 2000 seminars on UFOs and the Unexplained in the USA and Canada since the 1970s. He has appeared on popular TV shows like Hard Copy, A Current Affair, Inside Edition and 20/20. Bill was featured on CNN, Headline News, Fox News, CBC News, BBC News, PBS, BBC News and many local stations throughout North America and major TV Networks around the world. Bill's College and University presentations at Marist, Fordham, University of South Florida, St Cloud State (Mn), University Of Utah (SLC) and many others broke Student Activities attendance records set over the years by The Beatles, Magician David Copperfield, Jay Leno, George Carlon and others.

As a researcher of controversial topics, Bill has managed to remain objective as opposed to being a True Believer or complete Skeptic. As a Christian and a Graduate of Liberty University, he also approaches the topic from a uniquely Christian standpoint that does not restrict his ability to be objective.

Bill learned the importance of Objectivity in research from people like John Keel. He wrote about Fortean topics (unusual and unexplained phenomenon) and authored The Mothman Prophecies. Bill had the opportunity to meet and converse with this legendary journalist and author several times over the years when the two spoke at various conferences.

A native New Yorker, Bill first became interested in the UFO phenomenon in the 1960s after reading a book by Frank Edwards titled Flying Saucers Serious Business when he was nine years old. Edwards was a credible journalist who believed that UFOs were intelligently controlled vehicles that were likely from another world.

When writing his book on the subject, Frank applied the same rules to UFO cases that he would to any other news story. That separated suspect UFO sightings and encounters from those that involved genuine “high strangeness” and could not be easily explained. Frank Edwards was a reporter and radio host with impeccable credentials. He replaced Edward R. Murrow on the CBS Radio Network and was a commentator on the Mutual Radio Network.

Growing up in East Meadow, Long Island, NY, Bill often heard stories about UFO sightings from volunteer Firefighters, other First Responders and friends of his dad who served in the Army Air Force during WWII. These were all credible witnesses. Just after the East Meadow Pool opened a UFO hovered over it in broad daylight causing a change in the water color.

Years ago Dr. J. Allen Hynek (once a part of Project Bluebook and consultant to Close Encounters Of The Third Kind) appeared on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. Johnny asked him where the most UFO activity in the USA took place? Without having to even think about it, Dr. Hynek answered, “Long Island.”

Bill Knell shares details of UFO cases and sightings by such people as Walter Cronkite, Jackie Gleason and John F. Kennedy in his articles and videos available at no charge on his website. During a lunch Bill had with Walter Cronkite, ahead of a CBS News special about UFOs, the veteran newsman told him that he witnessed a saucer-shaped UFO shoot a blue beam at a missile during a missile test in the 1950’s. The military claimed it was a test to see how the media would react to a UFO event, but Cronkite and other reporters there didn’t buy the explanation.

Dr Michael Wolf is a former U.S. Government employee who was married to a relative of the Kennedy Family. While he and his wife were at the Kennedy compound during summer in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, Wolf told me that JFK and his guests witnessed a disc-shaped craft, around 60 feet-in-diameter, hovering several hundred feet from their boat.

- Bill Knell

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