You'll see an enhanced version of the Seminar, UFOs Around The World by The UFO GUY, plus historic audio played during the seminar and documentary style presentations after it. Find out what a UFO Seminar should be by watching one of the best ever presented. Famous UFO sightings, photographic and physical evidence cases, different types of Aliens and strange creatures associated with UFOs, UFO abductions, crash retrieval cases, a video history of the phenomenon, exclusive cases, amazing facts and non-stop surprises. Just $7.99

Experience the classic close encounters of Travis Walton, Jimmy Carter, Betty and Barney Hill, Police Officers, Military Personnel and many others as told by the actual Experiencers and Witnesses themselves. This presentation is a wonderful collection of famous close encounter, physical evidence, crash retrieval and government cover up cases and much more! The past meets the present with comprehensive coverage of the incredible 2006 Briese Farm case involving sightings, close encounters with aliens and animal mutilations. Meet the Experiencers and view the startling evidence! Just $7.99

Through an indepth interview and a provocative seminar, former Green Beret Captain Bill English reveals how he viewed secret Project Blue Book Report 13 while working as an NSA Intelligence Analyst at a listening post in the UK. Included in the report were reports from a mission he was involved with years earlier into Laos. A mission that ultimately linked human mutilations with the UFO phenomenon. Just $4.99

A U.S. Navy Ship vanishes during a secret World War II Experiment gone awry. When it re-appears, observers are horrified to see crew members embedded in the deck and steel of the ship. During a sea trial, the ship vanishes and travels through time setting off a number of events that continue today. Meet the Survivors and discover the stunning evidence. 2 audios, Many Hours. Just $9.95. Includes EXCLUSIVE Segments not available elsewhere!

This amazing Deluxe Audiobook features presentations by many talented and dedicated UFO Researchers who reveal the truth about and history of UFO crashes from around the world. This presentation includes hours of amazing information, documentation, photos and more. Over 4 hours in length! Just $9.99

Take a two hour audiobook journey deep into the world of UFOs with The UFO Guy. You'll discover fascinating facts, exclusive information and be surprised at what you haven't been told about UFOs and their Occupants. These are just a few of the topics covered: A Car lifted off the road by a UFO during rush hour traffic, a UFO lands in a New York City Park and affects changes on the environment and much more! Two hours. Just $4.99

This amazing documentary details the facts they DON'T want you to know. UFO's are real and the government and military forces know it. These factions have researched and investigated sightings as early as the late 1930's, while simultaneously denying any interest in the UFO phenomenon. They have been debunking and covering up UFO sightings, crashes and incidents for decades. This fascinating DVD covers over 100 UFO cases including UFO sightings and encounters during World War II and Vietnam. Exclusive Majestic 12 document connections. UFO sightings by Warren Beatty, Stuart Whitman and Walter Cronkite. A C130 takes off in 1966, encounters a UFO and lands in another location in the year 1982. Jackie Gleason views crashed UFO wreckage and bodies. UFO crash retrievals. The history of the 1940's Philadelphia Experiment and a visit to the Montauk Project base where it continued into the 1980's. You will discover proof that UFO technology has been used by the U.S. Government to accomplish time travel and create total invisibility, and much more. $5.99

Featuring world renowned UFO Researchers and Investigators that reveal important information kept from the public. Influential politicians and presidential candidates comment on the UFO subject. This three file deluxe set includes interviews with and presentations by Budd Hopkins, Linda Moulton Howe, Stanton Friedman, Bruce Maccabee, Elizabeth Claire Prophet, John Lear, Bob Lazar, George Knapp, Bill Knell, Senator Joe Biden, Governor Bill Richardson, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, entertainer and commentator Dennis Miller and others. It s eight hours of comprehensive information combining rare, new and amazing presentations about UFOs and Aliens. Over 8 hours in length! Just $9.99

The Truth about the Philadelphia Experiment began the saga of a World War II Navy Experiment gone awry that spilled out into an ocean of projects involving Time Travel, Invisibility, Remote Viewing, Mind Control, Psychic Warfare and more. This Audio Set takes it all to another level revealing new witnesses, facts and information. Discover how technology developed at Montauk is used to make land vehicles, ships, aircraft and even people invisible and able to travel through time and space. Meet the Survivors of the Montauk Project: Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Stewart Swerdlow. Discover how Al and Duncan managed to live two lives thanks to the Philadelphia Experiment technologies. Join these survivors for an indepth look at their family histories through photos and documents. Preston Nichols shares his amazing knowledge of the technology associated with the Montauk Project. Enjoy a detailed explanation of the technology and get the full story of his own experiences on the base.

Stewart Swerdlow (a gifted Clairvoyant) takes you on a journey through his life. After suffering alien abductions and government manipulations, Stewart found Preston Nichols and discovered his own role in time travel experiments known as the Montauk Project. Because he refused to break his association with Preston, Stewart was incarcerated by the government. Stewart used his mental abilities to overcome the negative influence surrounding him and ultimately discovered the highest common denominator in the alien equation-an interdimensional language which communicates to all conscious beings. Hear about the incredible experiences he has lived and learn how to open locked DNA sequences and change your life.

Imagine what it would be like to be able to create a fleet of invisible ships and planes. Or an army of invisible soldiers or special operatives. Now imagine being able to program the soldiers and operatives to do whatever you wanted them to do and then send through through space and time. That concept isn't science fiction, it's science fact. The connection between The Montauk Project and the use of the theories, ideas and designs of Nicola Tesla is well established. Many believe Tesla had direct involvement with The Philadelphia Experiment. Explore the use of Tesla Anti-Gravity by the Germans before, during and after World War II. Learn how the creation of weather control systems like HAARP were made possible using Tesla's concepts. The same concepts that would help create even more powerful weather control devices out of the Montauk Technologies. Here's your chance to learn about how the Montauk Project technologies really work and discover why they should not be used for negative purposes.

You'll be given amazing examples of what the government is doing with these technologies (like the invisible security agents that guard the President and others) and how they may have already changed the lives of millions. The Montauk project is much more than just sophisticated technoloogy. It also involves positive spiritual energy that you can harness and use yourself. Learn the secret of attaining that power.

Phil Schneider is a geologist and underground construction expert. He's also a man who spent seventeen years working on government black projects. With a level 1 security clearance (Rhyolite 38), Phil worked at Area 51, S-4 and Los Alamos. He is one of only three survivors from the infamous Alien/Human war at Dulce, New Mexico and the Los Alamos underground areas in August of 1979. Over sixty government workers and agents were killed during those confrontations. After thirteen attempts on his life, Phil Schneider was found dead in his Wilsonville, Oregon apartment on January 17, 1996. Phil's connection to the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project is an important one.

12 Hours, Many Presentations for just $19.95.

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