YOU CAN TRUST GOD Favorite and Recommended Videos

The Curse of Liberalism - Dr W.A. Criswell

Baptists Are NOT Protestants: The Trail Of Blood

The Light Of The World Is Jesus

Mels Carbonells Amazing Testimony

The Life Of D.L. Moody

The Life Of Charles Spurgeon

The Life Of John Wesley

The Life of Hudson Taylor

Billy Sunday: A Voice For God

Look and Live / Dr Curtis Hutson

The Life Of Bob Jones Sr

Peter Ruckman - Why The King James Bible is the Word of God

Gog and Magog - The Complete Movie

Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham

The Burning Hell (excellent Soul Winning tool)

He That Winneth Souls is Wise / John R. Rice

Apostasy / Dr J. Vernon McGee

The Apostasy Has Arrived / Dr J. Vernon McGee

The Secret Of Power / Dr J. Vernon McGee

The Power Of The Word Of God / Dr J. Vernon McGee

The Last Judgement / Dr John R. Rice

The Reign Of Antichrist / Dr Curtis Hutson

Classic Christian Films, Sermons and Videos

The Hiding Place

Rock: it's Your Decision

Saving Christmas

Held For Ransom

Fanny Crosby

I Thirst - Dr B.R. Lakin

A Name Above Every Name

How May I Know There Is A God

The Great Tribulation

Becoming Champions For Christ - Jerry Falwell

A Walk Through God's Work - Dr G.B. Vick

Can America Survive - Jack Van Impe

Dr Lee Roberson

God Is Looking For A Man - Dr Curtis Hutson

Why A Man Goes To Hell

Who Are We Anyway

How To Get The Blessings Of God

Broken, But Remade - Dr Curtis Hutson

Spiritualism, Satanism and Faith Healing / Dr J Vernon McGee

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Free Bible Tracts (by mail)

Fellowship Tract League (flash, printable)

Heart Helps - Excellent, FREE KJV Bible Studies/Resources

Who Was Jesus? (Free Archaeological Ebook)

October Baby (film)

Sword of the Lord Publishers

Make Life Work For You (Free Content, Articles, more)

Free Christian Clip Art

Online KJV Bible

Jesus Is

Great Men of God

Liberty Home Bible Institute - Study at Home

Develop Your Christian Book Idea

Why You Should Use The KJV Bible

King James Version Bible Chart

Life and Sermons of Billy Sunday

Life and Work of R.A. Torrey

The Institute for Creation Science

Worthy Christian Bookstore

Everyday Life in the Time of Jesus

Online Pastor's Manual (PDF)

Online Bible Concordance

Wholesome Words

Free 3D Textmaker

Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus Christ

Free Dictionary & Thesaurus

Dalton's Used Clothing Ministry (in Indy area)

Adults Can Learn To Read (in Indy area)

Life and Work of Evangelist D.L. Moody

Berean Research Institute

Life and Works of Charles Spurgeon

Baptist Top 1000 Websites

Dinosaurs: What Happened To Them?

Prevent Accidental Poisoning

Man in Demand / Christian Charm Teen Training Courses

Christian Gifts & Inspirational Home Decor

Shepard's Chapel Theological Errors

Operation Open-Up

The Biblical Evangelist Newspaper

Shirley, God (An Amazing Bible Study)


Audio Sermons by Dr. R.G. Lee

Audio Sermons by Billy Sunday

Thru The Bible / J. Vernon McGee

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

Audio Sermons by Dr Bob Jones Sr

Audio Sermons by Harry Ironside

Audio Sermons by Homer Rodeheaver

Audio Sermons by Bill Rice

Audio Sermons by Lester Roloff