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Christian Ebooks by Missionary Bill


Churches look for all kinds of plans to increase attendance and grow. Most ignore the one that God gave to the Church: Soul Winning and Visitation. Jesus used it himself and I will show you how to follow in his footsteps.

Casual Christians, Worthless Witnessing and Corrupt Calvinists: A Bad Recipe For Soul Winning - An Ebook by Missionary Bill

When you offer a lost person the Gospel, you are offering them the Living Word Of God in the Person of Jesus Christ. This is an awesome and solemn responsibility that should be taken lightly. God has given you your marching orders and you should make every effort to obey them.

THE OCCULT WORLD: DEATH OF GOD? - An Ebook by Missionary Bill

People go broke trying to unlock the secrets of the unknown. They spend all their money on Ďparanormal investigationsí and some leave their families to pursue leads which they feel will help explain the unexplained...and thatís what Satan had in mind when he created that scenario...


Amidst all the many church discipleship, stewardship, evangelism and training programs for pastors, leaders and congregations there is one thing missing: the Fundamentals of the Faith. Many Christians know more about their churchís budget than they do about the Fundamentals of the Christian Faith as outlined in the Word of God. Why? Because the emphasis of most of these church programs is not on the Bible, but on so-called successful church operation and management methods that have moved far away from the things of God to some corporate culture...


Itís very frustrating to watch my fellow Christians move about in their daily lives without happiness or any expectation of joy. I can relate to their situation because I did exactly the same thing for a long time. Most of my joy, happiness and satisfaction came from work, my family or almost any sort of success. However, those feelings were always temporary and still left me generally unfulfilled as a person. I knew what I really needed to do, but rarely did it...

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