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A tiny body was discovered in the village of Kaolinovy, Russia, on August 13, 1996. The village is located on the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains near the town of Kyshtym in the Chelyabinsk Oblast (an Oblast is a federal region administrated by Russia). Due to poor or sensationalized press courage at that time, the actual story of the discovery varies. According to an article published by Pravda-On-line, the best account comes from Major (Ret.) Vladimir Bendlin, a former investigator with the police department of Kyshtym.

Bendlin claims that Police detained Vladimir Nurtdinov during the summer of 1996 on suspicion of stealing some electrical wire. Nurtdinov was carrying a bundle thought to contain some of the wire. When it was examined, the bundle was found to contain a red cloth with the remains of a tiny body inside. Police videotaped the cloth and the body. During that process, Bendlin casually commented on how much the body looked like an alien from a science fiction movie.

Bendlin opened an investigation and approached the only physician he could find on duty later that day. Igor Uskov was an Urologist with the local hospital. Uskov laughed when he heard Bendlin’s alien explanation for the creature and countered with one of his own. The doctor was certain this was a twenty-week-old fetus and later confirmed that theory by having it examined by Irina Ermolayeva, a prominent gynecologist. She also agreed that the body looked like a fetus and added that it had probably been expelled during a miscarriage or an illegal abortion.

Things changed when Stanislav Samoshkin, chief of morbid anatomy at Kyshtym Hospital got involved. After performing an autopsy, he declared the body to be neither human nor animal. His primary argument centered on the fact that a human skull consists of six bones, while this one had four. Although his opinion was in the minority, it set off a firestorm of publicity.

As journalists and a television crew from Japan arrived in town offering cash for interviews, the original arrest story morphed into something completely different. The new story involved a woman who found the creature alive in a cemetery on the outskirts of Kaolinovy in the middle of the night. Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina said she felt compelled to go to the cemetery by a voice in her head. The woman often went there during the day to gather flowers placed on graves. Known for her bizarre behavior in the village, Prosvirina described the creature as a ’child’ that had large eyes, no ears, could not talk and ‘whistled’ to get her attention. She said that she brought the creature back to her apartment.

Other paid witnesses said they came to Prosvirina’s apartment and saw the gray-skinned creature alive. Because of her bizarre behavior and often-outrageous claims, Prosvirina was reported to medical authorities which took her into custody for her own safety. Although Prosvirina and her neighbors claim that the authorities were told about a ‘child’ in the house as they took her away, they ignored the warning and left. With no one to feed the ‘child,’ it died. The neighbors failed to explain why they did not remove the ‘child’ or make an effort to feed it.

Enter Vladimir Nurdinov who was later arrested by Major Bendlin. Although he never mentioned any connection to Prosvirina when he was originally arrested, Nurdinov came up with a whole new account after being paid for his story. In the new version, he was a friend of Prosvirina and knew about her the ‘child‘ she found in the cemetery. Knowing the ‘child’ was left alone in her apartment, he went there and found it dead in her bedroom. He removed the body and brought it to his home.

Nurdinov’s account of what happened next differs from Bendlin’s report. Nurdinov claims that the police came to his home to question him about electrical wire he was accused of stealing in the village of Novogorny. When they found the tiny body, they thought it might be the mummified remains of a child and took it away. Nurdinov made no mention of his arrest.

From that point on things went downhill as far as the truth is concerned. Claiming a Police Investigator contacted her; UFO Researcher Galina Semenkova traveled about one hundred and forty miles from Kamensk-Uralsky to investigate. She is head of the Star Academy UFO-Contact in Zolotov Method organization. Claiming she received the remains of the creature from a Police Investigator, she headed back to Kamensk-Uralsky. On the way back, she says that Aliens from a flying saucer confronted her and demanded the body.

According to the Japanese Television Crew, the body was already missing when they arrived. However, they did not immediately speak to the Police just assumed someone in the town had it. This is confirmed by their cash offer of $200,000 to anyone in the town who could produce the body. No one could produce the body, but plenty of people described as ‘bums and drunkards’ by the Russian Press lined up to tell their story about the creature.

The cloth that Nurdinov claims he used to wrap the body found at Prosvirina’s apartment has only added to this convoluted mystery. Although blood stains originally found on that red cloth were tested and found to be human, a report in the Russian Press in 2004 said that Vadim Chernobrov (a Moscow UFO researcher) claims that more recent tests show the creature had nothing in common with humans. No information was provided which makes clear what was tested, how or by whom to provide these amazing results.

Now yet another amazing revolution comes to us from Russia. According to a Pravda-On-Line article on 3/24/07, the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Moscow reports: “A gene discovered in the DNA samples doesn’t correspond with any genes pertaining to humans or anthropoid apes,” said Vadim Chernobrov, a coordinator with the public research center Kosmopoisk. “No gene samples available at the laboratory match the gene. The experts in DNA research haven’t come across any creatures with such an elongated DNA molecule,” Chernobrov added.

It’s important to understand that none of this information or the claims being made come from the Russian Government. They seem to feel that the body was the result of a miscarriage or illegal abortion. There might also be a good explanation for the condition of the body. An accident at a nearby radioactive chemical plant in 1957 caused the area to be polluted with about half the amount of radioactive material released in Chernobyl during that accident. That amount would be more than enough to account for all sorts of genetic and other abnormalities for many years to come.

It’s sad to see UFO researchers and the media focus on cases like these when so many former government employees and members of the military have come forward with first hand knowledge regarding the existence of Aliens and the cover-up of information related to the UFO Phenomenon.

Bill Knell is a professional writer. Although semi-retired, he still accepts various writing assignments. Articles on most any topic are his specialty. Bill is also a talented ghost writer for people who have an idea or story to tell without the skills to create a submittable book manuscript. Sorry, Bill does not accept term paper or technical writing assignments. Bill can be contacted on FACEBOOK. If you are interested in Christian resources, articles and topics, stop by Bill's Christian Resources website You Can Trust God. Read Bill's DIY, advice and other articles at Doctor Know.

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