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Dwight D. Eisenhower became President of the United States in 1953. His predecessor Harry Truman has been connected to UFOs and Aliens through an unverified paper trail. Most Ufologists believe that Truman created a secret group called Majestic 12. There is quite a bit of evidence apart from just documents that this is true. That means that Eisenhower, already knowledgeable about UFOs from his years as a U.S. Army General, had the added benefit of receiving whatever information MJ-12 accumulated to that point.

As President and because of the power and influence he weilded as a General, it's doubtful that anyone in the U.S. Government would deny him any requests to see crashed UFOs, living or dead Aliens. However, there are stories that Eisenhower may have either volunteered or asked to meet with Aliens at least once and possibly three times beginning in 1954. These meetings allegedly took place at Edwards AFB in California and Holloman AFB in New Mexico. Among the several collaborating witnesses who support these stories were a former aide to Eisenhower and his Great Granddaughter. The cover stories provided to account for the President's time during those meetings were weak as well.

The President was staying in Palm Springs during the alledged 1954 meeting at Edwards AFB, CA. Even during a vacation the press tends to be on top of everything a U.S. President does and everywhere he goes. One night during his Palm Springs vacation Ike missed a scheduled event in the form of a dinner of some sort. He was not seen until the next morning. When reporters asked about it they were told that Eisenhower chipped a tooth and had to visit a dentist. Later, a Washington Post writer named Peter Carlson called the Dentist story a cover up. An examination of the medical and dental records kept at the Eisenhower Presidential Library show that the chipped tooth story was false. And there was no record of any contact with a Dentist while Ike was in Palm Springs.

A number of different types of Aliens have been described by witnesses over the years. Those who allegedly met with Eisenhower were humanoid. An alledged second meeting with these same type of Aliens took place at Holoman AFB, NM. Up to three hundred people saw Air Force One land at Holloman in February, 1955. Interestingly, the base radar was shut down after the President's aircraft taxied to the end of the runway. Within minutes a disc-shaped UFO landed close to the aircraft while two others were seen in the sky over the AFB. After deplaning, Eisehower headed to the landed saucer. Witnesses say he went inside and spent forty-five minutes in the object. When the President came out Witnesses said they got a clear view of his head and face because he was not wearing his hat.

Other stories surrounding these meetings have circulated over the years. One of the most popular has Eisenhower signing an exclusive "peace" agreement with a group of Aliens known as the Greys during the second or third meeting at Holloman AFB. The stipulations of this agreement have these beings helping us to develop new technologies while they retain the right to abduct and study humans. Not only does this make no sense, but all of my experience as a researcher tells me these particular beings have no need for any agreement with humans. With the technology and/or abilities they possess, the Greys could already do as they like without any permissions from us. It appears they have been visiting Earth for a long time and that our technology has never come close to being a threat to them.

The Nixon connection... Richard Nixon was Eisenhower's Vice President. As such, I would think he was privy to what his boss knew about UFOs and Aliens. Proof of that comes in the form of a plan Nixon had to inform the American Public about the existence of Aliens. According to a number of sources, Nixon felt that the best way to do that was to make use of Hollywood's ability to influence people. He allegedly had operatives contact someone who was no stranger to American TV audiences. Enter Rod Serling, an experienced writer, producer and on screen talent. The plan was to make a documentary about UFOs that would be government funded. The punch line of the film would come at the end when actual footage of a real UFO landing at Holloman AFB in the 1960s would be shown.

The landing of a saucer-shaped UFO at Holloman was filmed by high quality, high speed cameras and was supposedly of excellent quality. However, as the documentary was being filmed, Watergate errupted into a national scandal. Nixon lost all credibility and the planned project lost it's punch when the actual UFO footage was withheld. In 1974 Rod Serling hosted a documentary film titled, UFOs Past, Present and Future. While it turned out to be an excellent UFO documentary, there was no actual footage of a UFO landing at the end. Instead, drawings and recreations were used and the documentary became just another film about UFOs. It was re-released in 1979 as UFOs: It Has Begun.

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