UFOs and First Responders

No one is in a better position to see a UFO then First Responders. I learned that as a kid.

Whenever I headed up to the East Meadow Public Library for a school assignment or one of their special programs, I stopped at the firehouse for cold soda. The money went to support the fire department and I got my thirst quenched. Apart from the soda machines, I really enjoyed looking at all the equipment they had. There were probably half a dozen specialized vehicles and all kinds of gadgets in the garage area adjacent to the entrance foyer.

After a while, I got to know some of the guys that were regulars at the firehouse. They knew my parents and always treated me well. I started volunteering to help roll hoses, wash the trucks and clean the place up. I was rewarded for my efforts with rides home on the fire trucks when they were heading out for supplies or free soda and snacks.

I liked hanging out at the firehouse and especially enjoyed listening to all the stories they told. I sat around the kitchen or out back where they had a barbeque area and got an earful of firefighter exploits. Things always got really interesting whenever UFOs were in the news. It seemed that almost every volunteer fireman had some sort of a UFO story to tell. Many had personal experiences on and off the job or knew others that did.

I don’t recall his name, but one of the volunteer firemen worked for the Nassau County Parks Department at Salisbury (today known as Eisenhower Park). It’s located on Hempstead Turnpike, just up the road from the firehouse. Some time during 1967, he found some strange areas of affected grass on a golf course in the park. Today, we would call these crop circles. Back then, people called them saucer nests. They appeared after a number of people reported seeing strange lights in the sky near and over the park the previous night.

Seeing strange lights in the sky was and remains a common occurrence on Long Island. Because there are so many airports in the region, aircrafts in flight became an easy explanation for unusual lights or other types of UFOs seen there. This is always a mistake. People that live in areas where planes are frequently seen in the skies get used to seeing them. They know when something different appears and doesn’t resemble conventional aircraft.

Most of the UFO sightings and encounters that took place on Long Island while I was growing up went unreported, at least the ones I heard about. The witnesses knew that no one would believe them or that people would say what they saw was nothing out of the ordinary. Even when disc-shaped objects appeared during broad daylight and floated at tree top level in Long Island neighborhoods, people found ways to justify or explain them away.

It wasn’t just firemen that hung around the East Meadow Firehouse. Nassau County Police and other First Responders often stopped by. They also had fascinating stories to tell and some involved some very strange events. One police officer told us about an incident that occurred when he was off duty. He was driving out east towards Patchogue to visit his sister when it happened. The officer exited the Long Island Expressway and started driving on local roads until he reached an area near Montauk Highway around 10 o‘clock at night.

Just before he got to a traffic light, the officer told us how a bright light surrounded his car. There was no sound and his engine suddenly shut off. His was the only vehicle near the bright light at that moment. The officer stuck his head out of the driver’s side window to discover the source of the light, but was unable to see it clearly. The light moved away after a few seconds. He watched it head southeast and said it looked like a luminous white ball. At some point it started moving very fast and disappeared from view.

His car still wouldn’t start and required a jump from another vehicle to get it going. The motorist that came along to help him arrived just a couple of minutes after the light departed and said to the officer, “What was that?” He decided not to say much and told the other guy that it was probably just a low flying plane. The other motorist didn’t ask any more questions.

After he got his car started, the officer headed straight for his sister’s house and arrived there about a half hour after the incident. His sister lived near the water on Patchogue Bay. He told her what happened and she shrugged it off as nothing unusual. She told her brother that she and many of the residents in her area often saw odd lights at night. Most figured they were lights from low flying small aircrafts or lights from the masts of boats coming and going in the bay. Again, it became easier to explain away the bizarre phenomenon then to challenge the status quo. The officer spent that night at his sister’s house.

Although he planned on doing some fishing early the next morning, the officer woke up feeling drained and sick to his stomach. He decided to sleep in. When he finally got up around nine o’clock in the morning, the officer looked in the bathroom mirror and was shocked to discover that there were red blotches all over his face. They were itchy and irritating, but before he could schedule a doctor’s appointment, they cleared up.

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