President John F. Kennedy's UFO Encounter Bill Knell

Over the years I have met people from a wide variety of backgrounds who are interested in the UFO phenomenon. One of the most fascinating of all the people who have ever contacted me is a man named Dr. Michael Wolf. A prominent surgeon who once served as an Army Doctor in Vietnam, Wolf is a sold-out UFO buff. He is fascinated with all aspects of the subject. But that didn"t just happen, it took a Presidential UFO Sighting.

Dr. Wolf is from New England. His late wife Sara was a Kennedy (a relative of JFK). His in-laws once lived in a house next to the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport, MA. During the summer before JFK was assassinated Michael and Sara Wolf were frequent guests at his in-laws home and aboard President Kennedy’s motor launch.

On one clear and hot summer day Michael and Sara were to go on a brief pleasure cruise aboard the Kennedy launch with JFK and a few other guests, but Michael was severely ill in bed with the flu. He asked Sara to go and represent both of them.

Just a few minutes into the cruise everyone on board the launch (including JFK) were stunned when a disc-shaped object appeared within several hundred feet of their boat. The object was about 60 feet in diameter. The middle was slightly raised and part of a top that was a dull, metallic grayish color. The bottom of the craft was very shiny and hard to look at. There were no noticeable windows or openings. The object seemed noiseless and no signs of obvious propulsion could be seen.

Everything went into chaos. Secret Service Agents on board the launch and nearby in smaller boats scrambled in all directions. The incident did not last long enough (under a minute) to allow for any kind of a response. The Object moved straight up at a tremendous speed and vanished.

The Launch immediately headed back to the dock. After a short conversation with his Secret Service Detail, President Kennedy told the small group of about 12 people that had been on board, "We don"t talk about this!" That"s all that was ever said. But Sara couldn"t help but tell Michael what had happened.

This sighting was spectacular because it involved a U.S. President, but it was also typical of many that occur in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts each year. Nearby Martha"s Vineyard is also a place where UFOs are often seen.

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