The Entity - Case Revisited Bill Knell

During 1974, several researchers working out of UCLA began to investigate one of the most famous and frightening Parapsychology cases ever documented. Often referred to as a violent or extreme haunting, ‘The Entity’ investigation became famous after the 1981 release of a major film based on that case. Doctors Gaynor and Taff investigated the haunting under the auspices of Thelma Moss, a UCLA Parapsychologist. While the film highlighted the fact that the female victim of the alleged haunting was repeatedly and violently raped, it may have downplayed other events that might have provided an alternative explanation.

The film relied largely on audience imagination to fill in the blanks as the victim was sexually assaulted and highlighted the fact that most people who heard her story tended to initially discount the tale of spirit rape. However, family members, friends and those who bothered to investigate the matter more fully often witnessed the attacks themselves. Some, like her son, were hit, beaten or suffered some degree of bodily harm. The movie seemed to focus on one entity, but the case was far more complicated then that.

In real life, Doris Bither described three entities. Two held her down and the third raped her. Black and blue marks all over her body were clear indications that she had been physically attacked and harmed. This is incredibly significant because it is almost unique in the history of the unexplained. Although there have been instances of everything from bite marks to words carved into flesh on the victims of other supernatural attacks, most of these incidents remain largely suspect when it comes to supernatural causes. ’The Entity’ case had more then its fair share of credible witnesses to the rapes and beatings.

Beyond the terrible sexual abuse itself, one event really brought home the uniqueness of this case. During one of their visits to the home of the victim, Gaynor, Taff and others actually saw the figure of a man appear out of thin air. Gaynor gave the following statement to OMNI Magazine in the 1990s: "We saw the head take shape and then the shoulders. The light extended down to the ground until it became a full humanoid figure of greenish-white light. Then it just vanished, almost as if somebody pulled the plug. It didn"t fade away. It just vanished. Everybody was completely in awe and silent as we watched this happen."

The appearance of the full-figured apparition always bothered me. It just wasn’t something that had ever been successfully documented during a haunting before. That, along with the sexual attacks, just didn’t fit into the normal ‘ghost’ scenario. This wasn’t an ethereal figure reenacting an event from their life or some misty spirit. It was a violent and powerful man who had full control over his victim. When asked why she thought it was a ghost that was raping her, the victim told researchers that the man just vanished after the attacks. Based on her descriptions of the perpetrator, he must have been very visible to the victim during the attacks.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I am not going to be the one to second-guess the work of Gaynor and Taff. Even with a good working knowledge of all areas of the unexplained, it would have been hard to consider ‘The Entity‘ case anything more than a very unusual haunting. I’ll be the first to admit that what happened in the 1970s would have probably leaded me to the same conclusion if I had been investigating the case at that time. It wasn’t until years later that additional events came to my attention, which may provide another possible explanation for “The Entity’ attacks.

My first opportunity to speak with several people alleged to have been involved with U.S. Government time travel, mind control and invisibility experiments came in 1988. That first meeting lead to a more in-depth examination of those people in 1989. The 1989 session was videotaped, lasted a full day and included technical experts and specially invited parties from various backgrounds. That session provided enough information for me to establish an on-going investigation of The Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk Project and related events. Those continuing investigations lead to an incident that occurred in 2004.

On February 12, 2004, a woman that I’ll refer to as Virginia was joined by her husband and two friends to clean out a small room that existed on the second floor of their newly purchased retirement home in Maryland. The eighty-five year old house needed an interior facelift. With Contractor work set to begin shortly, the four had the task of removing items from a smaller room that was going to become part of a larger open area when everything was completed.

As the small group of people prepared the items for removal, they suddenly felt sick to their stomachs. A green mist appeared in the room accompanied by the form of a man and the odor of over-heated circuitry. He looked like a sailor wearing a long out of date naval uniform. Before anyone could react, the sailor looked at the group and said, “2005. Watch out for 2005! They’re playing with your future!” After that, the Sailor faded into the wall and the green mist quickly dissipated. All agreed later that they had heard his voice and everyone heard the same thing. They described the Sailor’s voice as deep and full, but sounding a bit muffled.

I believe the warning about 2005 may have referred to the unusually destructive hurricane season that may have been caused by government weather control experiments. While seeking additional funding for weather research and control, a military spokesperson told a congressional committee “The Air Force will own the weather in five years.” The weather experiments have a direct connection to some of the technologies discovered and used during various incarnations of The Philadelphia Experiment.

The appearance of the sailor within a green mist is eerily similar to the appearance of the full-figured apparition during ‘The Entity’ investigation. Another connection is the alleged mental state of many of the sailors who took part in the original Philadelphia Experiment. A number of people who claim to have been involved with the 1940s Navy Project say that attempts to make Navy Vessels invisible lead to severe side effects among the survivors, including mental illness and insanity. And there’s more.

Some of the Sailors who survived the original Philadelphia Experiment had a bad habit of fading in and out of their physical environment. Two sailors floated out of the wall of a bar near the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard (according to an article in a local newspaper shortly after the incident).That event was witnessed by shipyard workers, naval personnel and others. A few weeks later, two sailors at the same bar got into a fight. The fight spilled out into the street. Once outside in the light, witnesses described the men involved in the scuffle as being transparent or translucent instead of solid figures made of flesh and bone. They were said to have been a part of the specifically chosen crew placed aboard the as yet to be commissioned battleship escort later know as the USS Eldridge for a sea trial of the P.E. technology.

All this leads us to the inescapable fact that the most famous haunting case of all time might not have involved ghosts at all. It’s entirely possible that Survivors of some known or unknown test of Philadelphia Experiment technology could have been the culprits behind ‘The Entity’ sexual assaults. They may have been victims themselves. Who can say what people who have been exposed to a bizarre technology that leaves them insane, mentally unbalanced and in some horrible ethereal limbo might do?

Anyone investigating the Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk Project and related events knows that you’re always at a disadvantage. That’s because time is linear and there is no specific database to draw from when it comes to understanding or investigating time travel. If I enter a time machine, travel to three different times in one day and do all sorts of crazy things, no connection to those individual events may actually be made until enough time has passed. As I already pointed out, it took the 1988 and 2004 incidents for me to make any possible connection between ‘The Entity’ case and The Philadelphia Experiment. It was only after researching those events that I found a way to better understand what might have happened in 1974 during the alleged haunting.

Doris Bither, the victim of the 1970s ‘Entity’ attacks, passed away in 1995 of pulmonary arrest. However, based on my research into the *Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk Project and related events, I am certain that we haven’t seen the last of people appearing in green mists and saying or doing incredible, amazing and possibly criminal things.

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