The Dinosaur Mystery Bill Knell

Researching the history of manís discovery of and subsequent search for dinosaurs uncovers a tale of intrigue and desperate attempts to keep pet theories alive. People have been finding dinosaur bones every since there were people. The real questions are when did we know what animals the bones came from and when did we first connect the dots to know what the creatures looked like? The answer to that question may hold the key to looking at dinosaurs as either extinct animals that existed before man, or animals that man knew about and hunted right up into recent centuries.

Wall Etchings from Blanding, Utah

It was during the 1800ís that man finally began to understand a little of what dinosaurís looked like, although most of the early models were far off the mark compared to ancient cave and rock drawings. These seem to support the idea that man and dinosaur coexisted. Supporters of Evolution believe that dinosaurs and man are separated by millions of years and never lived together. They claim that drawings of dragons and dinosaurs are best guesses based on bones found by ancient cultures. What they donít explain is how these cultures that lacked any scientific training had such a good grasp of what the animals looked like?

from the Grand Canyon

Once you dig through all the ego inspired writing that claims to document who discovered the first full dino skeleton, it seems that the first almost complete remains were found in New Jersey on the eve of the American Civil War. Even after complete skeletons were found, scientists have long haggled over how dinosaurs looked, moved and lived. The bigger question seems to be when did they become extinct?

Burial Stones found in ancient Peruvian graves

Like the cave and rock drawings, burial stones found in ancient Peruvian grave sites depict scenes of humans being attacked by and attacking dinosaurs. Add to this the worldwide legends and stories of large reptilian beasts and you have something more then just a coincidence. Those who laugh at such evidences believe that science has all the answers and that even flawed theories are better then none. So how flawed are the theories that bring us what we believe about dinosaurs?

Most creationists adhere to a strict belief that most or all dinosaurs perished in the great flood of Noah. They use that to explain the large numbers of dinosaur bone concentrations where a number of animals seem to have inexplicably perished during some cataclysmic event. Evolutionists and mainline scientists look at the same evidence and say that, no, these were not immediate deaths. They were burial pits and the great numbers of dead animals in them were caused by some other cataclysm like a meteor or comet collision with the earth. Either way, we are forced to accept what are little more then best guesses.

Lining up with Creationists means interpreting every piece of archeological evidence in light of what any one of thousands of differing theological camps believe. Lining up with Evolutionists means ignoring evidences that conflicts with that theory in any way, shape or form. As with various Creationist camps, splinter groups exist within the Evolution movement and the theory has always been allowed enough flexibility to encompass any criticism. As if that wasnĎt bad enough, Evolutionists have been responsible for more then their fair share of hoaxes, false interpretations and flawed racial profiling.

If we can move beyond the limited choices placed in front of us by those with agendas that may not necessarily include honestly seeking the truth, then a reconsideration of the dinosaur question is possible. It may be that not all of these beasts are extinct. The recent discovery of a fossilized four chamber heart in a dinosaur skeleton has again fueled speculation that the creatures were warm blooded. If true, they may have been better able to deal with climate changes then first thought.

Living Pterodactyls (flying dinosaurs) have been sited throughout history. Cave drawings and good historical descriptions seem to indicate they have co-existed with people for some time. Recent photos said to be from the civil war indicate that Union Soldiers killed at least three while operating in the deep south. Each year people claim contact with species of animals thought to be extinct. The dead bodies of what appear to be dinosaur like creatures are found at sea. Some unknown living creatures like the Loch Ness Monster and Sasquatch are also frequently sighted by credible witnesses.

As with other aspects of the unexplained, people are being shortchanged by having to deal with true believers who believe anything and skeptics who believe nothing. As the old saying goes, the truth has never depended on our ability to accept it.

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