Shocking Stephenville UFO Sightings Development: Reporter is Forced Out Bill Knell

Angelia Joiner was a reporter for the Stephenville Empire Tribune in Erath County, Texas. Anyone following the amazing story of the Stephenville UFO Sightings that gained national attention in January of 2008 knows this journalist. It was Angelia that broke the story that UFO witness Ricky Sorrells was being harassed by the government. Now, Angelia is facing some harassment herself.

Angelia Joiner wrote an Article which appeared in the Stephenville Empire Tribune on February 3, 2008, which exposed the fact that Ricky Sorrells told her that government authorities were harassing him. Sorrells claimed that military jets were flying low over his property in Dublin, Texas, on a regular basis at all hours of the day and night. These flights were upsetting his livestock and keeping him from getting any sleep.

There may be a reason that government authorities are harassing Sorrells. He has now seen the large object that hovered over a pasture behind his property and made the international news on four separate occasions. Ricky says that the government wants answers from him that he can’t provide. A person claiming to be an Air Force Colonel contacted Ricky Sorrells on January 15, 2008 by phone. He demanded to know everything that Ricky knew about the object and said, “You need to shut your mouth about what you saw.”

At one point the Colonel told Sorrells that the airspace above his property belonged to the government and that he (the Colonel) would be out to speak with Ricky in person. Sorrells warned him not to come on his property, but the Colonel said he would come and bring weapons if necessary to get the answers he was looking for. After that, helicopters started buzzing his home on a regular basis. After other area residents reported the military helicopters, those flights stopped, but the jets kept flying over his house and property at all hours.

On February 4, 2008, Angelia Joiner filed another story on the Sorrells matter. In that article, she reported that Ricky had been personally visited by people claiming to be from the military. She said that these unwelcome guests had threatened him and come close to his house in the middle of the night. She also followed up with more details on the entire Sorrells UFO case. Despite what appears to me to be fair treatment of a controversial subject and timely reporting of the current events surrounding an important story, Angelia Joiner says that the Empire Tribune was no longer interested in continuing their professional relationship with her.

She states the following in an email to anyone interested in her situation:

"I think my readers would find a lot more of this sort of story interesting but my newspaper doesn"t want any more stories. My boss feels it"s time to move on. A city councilman here talked to the Star-Telegram and said the whole thing was an embarrassment to the town (or something to that effect.). It has been a tough decision but I gave my two weeks" notice last Thursday and my last day will be Feb. 14. At that time, I will be unemployed so I probably will substitute teach for a while.”

Angelia’s resignation is not the end of the story. She reveals these shocking facts in the same email:

"I gave two weeks" notice, but this morning they had confiscated my computer and I was told to pack up and get out. I"m devastated and still in shock. I was trying to direct people away from talking to me about UFOs and other information during work hours and I had forwarded emails to my home computer so I would not be dealing with that on newspaper time. But, apparently that wasn"t the right thing to do either… The publisher said she didn"t want me to leave with ill feelings toward the newspaper and I"m trying not to."

Whether it’s small town politics or a case of something more sinister, Angelia is out. I’m sure that I am not the only person that finds that extremely unfair. For all intents and purposes, Joiner helped break one of the most important stories of the New Year. Whether you believe that UFOs are Alien Spacecraft, thin it’s all crap or simply feel that the military was up to something strange over Stephenville, Texas, you have to wonder why the news is only the news when a newspaper publisher says it is.

There is no doubt that the Stephenville UFO sightings have put that town on the map and brought a great deal of attention to Erath County, Texas. However, it seems that some in that area do not want that kind of attention. Perhaps they prefer to continue along with their daily lives in the most peaceful way possible while others in their community face government harassment and the continued presence of unknown objects which defy explanation.

Military authorities have found themselves with egg on their faces do to a series of missteps and contradictory statements regarding the Stephenville UFO Sightings. This is a situation that they should be used to after attempting to cover-up other UFO sightings, crashes and encounters. As in those cases, they have denied the true facts involved, lied to the public and press, threatened witnesses and tried to destroy the credibility of anyone that would support the idea that the Air Force doesn’t have all or even the correct answers for every thing strange that happens in the sky.

Perhaps the forced and unceremonious departure of Angelia Joiner from the Empire Tribune is the beginning of the reassertion of military power and influence in an area surrounded by government facilities. This may be just the beginning of their turn at bat. Since the original January 8, 2008, mass UFO sighting in Erath County, others in the region have come forward to report unusual military flyovers, apparent harassment of witnesses and increased government activity that remains unexplained.

Whatever it is that military authorities are trying to cover up; it must be something that is newsworthy to someone. It is to me, our top researcher Dick Criswell and the Members of the International Paranormal UFO Society. We have already investigated and reported exclusive information that a private pilot in an aircraft witnessed the January 8, 2008 event and that the jet chase he watched was due to the fact that the object probably entered restricted presidential airspace over the Bush Ranch located south of Stephenville. We have been on top of this story from day one and will continue to bring you the news that others simply refuse to report about the Texas UFO sightings, encounters and cover-ups.

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