Texas UFO and Jets May Have Entered Restricted Presidential Airspace ...by Bill Knell

The laundry list of lies surrounding the Stephenville, Texas, UFO sightings is growing. Despite efforts by a military spokesperson to attribute the sightings to F-16 training maneuvers, new video shows a strange object that doesn’t look or act anything like a conventional aircraft. On top of that, a former defense industry electronics expert now says that the F-16s may have been scrambled in response to a violation of restricted presidential airspace by the military.

A new video has surfaced and been presented by Stephenville, Texas, resident Steve Allen, the owner of a freight company and a witness to the sighting on January 8, 2008. Allen says that the video of a strange object in the sky was presented to him by an anonymous source and that it was taken on the occasion of the January 8th sighting. The video appears very similar to another UFO film taken years before which shows an object moving extremely fast and making bizarre and aerodynamically impossible moves. This new video evidence casts doubt on the current air force explanation for the event.

A new scenario that might help explain one of the Stephenville UFO sightings has entered the picture, but it’s doubtful that the Air Force or other U.S. Government Authorities will find this one helpful in their efforts to portray the affair in conventional terms. A former employee for a government contractor (now retired) told the International Paranormal UFO Society that he worked on F-16s for many years as an electronics engineer and has his own opinion of what happened on January 8, 2008.

This informant is known to IPUS and he claims that it would be very unlikely for so many F-16s to be on a evening or nighttime training mission at one time. Instead, he believes that the reason so many F-16s were involved in the incident is because the unidentified flying object they were chasing had violated restricted presidential airspace over the Bush Ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Our informant bases his opinion on all the information that the media, military and eyewitnesses have provided to date. He points out that a previous email from a private pilot to IPUS mentioned that he was approaching Erath County airspace (where the events of January 8, 2008 took place) from the south and saw the object and jets in front of him indicating that they were approaching the area from the same direction. President Bush’s Crawford Ranch is south and slightly east of Stephenville.

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