The Press and Presidential Candidates Ignore Impressive New Evidence about UFOs and Aliens Bill Knell

The year 2007 will be remembered for many things, but two impressive presentations by some of the world’s most credible individuals will not be on that list. Those events were both held at the prestigious National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and both involved the subjects of Space Aliens and Government Secrecy.

On October 30, 2007, Richard C. Hoagland presented evidence that NASA has lied to the American Public about matters related to their exploration of our Moon and the discovery of Alien Artifacts. Among the amazing proof that he offered was a statement by Dr. Ken Johnston, former head of NASA’s Data and Photo Control Department during the Apollo program.

Dr. Johnston claims that he was ordered to destroy irreplaceable Apollo lunar images and data in 1971. Fortunately, he chose to ignore that order and saved those images and that information for the sake of historical accuracy and scientific credibility. Among other things, the photos appear to show the ruins of large glass-like domes built on the Moon by unknown intelligences.

Like many whistleblowers, Johnston was not rewarded for his honesty. After being quoted in Hoagland’s new book about NASA lies and cover-ups, Dark Mission, Dr Johnston was fired from a prestigious position with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Solar System Ambassador Program. The truth may be out there, but those willing to tell us about it had better be ready to apply for unemployment insurance if they work for NASA.

Despite the fact that Hoagland and Johnston managed to fill a room at the National Press Club to overflowing, little was reported about the event within the United States. Planned segments with NBC Nightly News and The O’Reilly Factor were cancelled at the last minute and little or nothing appeared in major newspapers. To my knowledge, not one 2008 presidential hopeful or any current elected official had a representative present. In my opinion Hoagland deserved better.

Richard C. Hoagland is hardly a novice when it comes to things scientific. He was Science Advisor to CBS News and Walter Cronkite when he anchored their evening news broadcast. The former curator of a science museum and winner of prestigious awards like the Angstrom Medal for excellence in Science, Hoagland is not some conspiracy theorist bent on proving that Aliens have replaced all the politicians and national leaders (although that might be an improvement considering the present state of our world).

It appears that no matter which way members of the press seem to lean politically, they simply have no room for serious stories about the government cover-up of information about UFOs and Aliens. While liberals can hardly wait for the next Bush verbal blunder and conservatives never met an elected republican’s press release they didn’t like, neither of these ideological schools of thought can be bothered with even the most credible witnesses that claim to possess information about government secrecy and the existence of intelligent life forms other than our own.

On November 12, 2007, another event occurred at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. This event was held to call for the re-opening of the U.S. Government investigation into UFOs. The event was organized by filmmaker James Fox and Journalist Leslie Kean of the Coalition for Freedom of Information.

Fox produced an award-winning documentary narrated by Peter Coyote entitled Out of the Blue which featured highly-credible UFO Witnesses including former U.S. Government employees and retired members of the U.S. Military. Kean broke the story about former Arizona Governor Fife Symington’s UFO sighting during the infamous Phoenix Lights event in March of 1997 and his admission that the whole story about the lights and other UFO events during that time was never fully revealed.

Despite an impressive array of international witnesses and speakers from extremely credible scientific, military and civilian backgrounds, Fox and Kean hit the same brick wall that Hoagland did. Although they received more media coverage overall before, during and after the NPC event, nothing came of it. That’s because, like Hoagland, these well-meaning and intelligent people just do not understand that the press has no interest in exposing anything that will not directly benefit them. The same can be said of presidential hopefuls and elected officials currently in power.

Blowing the lid off of what may be nearing a century of U.S. Government secrecy surrounding the subject of UFOs and Aliens has no pros and many cons for any reporter or major news gathering agency. These people and organizations depend on friendly contacts within various government agencies to get their news. Those contacts would not remain friendly to any reporter or news company for very long if they decided to expose such a sensitive subject.

Apart from the repercussions of taking on the entire U.S. Government and Military just to prove that Aliens exist and are visiting our planet, the press has been brainwashed along with the rest of us by years of disinformation. Various government arguments against the reality of a UFO cover-up are eagerly backed up by debunkers, skeptics and scientists existing on the government dime. Add to that the fact that we’ve all been spoon-fed the bureaucratic gloom and doom prophecy of what might happen if people were told we were not alone in the Universe: Religions would collapse, monetary systems would fail and governments would fall.

You might like to note that these things happen as a matter of course throughout history without the help of news about Space Aliens and Government Cover-ups. Such arguments are merely sideshows purposely installed in the minds of people to argue against the release of information about Aliens, even if that information is true. Thanks to a worldwide press bent more on reinventing political systems than telling the truth, the very idea of holding a press conference to convince them about anything not on their top-ten list is a waste of time, money and effort.

As a longtime UFO and Paranormal Researcher, I have learned that the best way to get information into the hands of the people is to place it there yourself. I have done so through the use of live seminars, presentations on prerecorded media, guest spots on various entertainment-based radio and television programs and consultation gigs with major films.

Aside from the sheer frustration of watching well-meaning and intelligent people share the information they have about extraterrestrials with a jaded and irrelevant press, it’s sad to see the lackluster reaction of a public that is constantly side-tracked with imaginary issues and lead to believe that the existence of Alien Life Forms is not an important one.

Consider this: If the Government and Military are lying to us about UFOs and Aliens, what else are they lying about? Despite the morally-imperative and socially-relevant nature of such a question, the press seems in no hurry for an answer. They are satisfied to accept government press releases as fact as long as these statements do not clash with their own political leanings.

I often wonder why broadcast news programs like 60 Minutes, 48 Hours or 20/20 never simply went out to Area 51, parked their vehicles and demanded entry. If it was just about the testing of secret planes, the government could easily fly them out of the place for a while and allow the press entry to the entire facility. That would help settle the matter one way or another.

If anyone in the news media were serious about exposing government secrecy surrounding UFOs and Aliens, they would leave no stone unturned. Even the alleged ‘serious journalists’ that have found a home at UFO conferences throughout the world have barely broken a sweat when it comes to taking on the bureaucracies that refuse to tell the truth about UFOs.

Several months ago I decided to contact all the presidential hopefuls attempting a run for the 2008 election here is the USA. I emailed, called and wrote letters asking about their position on the possibility that Aliens were visiting the Earth and asking what they would do to end the government secrecy surrounding this subject. None bothered to respond, but most placed me on their mailing lists.

Potential candidates hoping to run for President of the United States in 2008 obviously do not take the subject of UFOs, Aliens or government secrecy surrounding those subjects seriously. They are sticking to the same issues and talking points that the conventional press has adopted as matters the public should be concerned about. If we don’t like those issues or have some of our own, I guess we’re just out of luck.

Despite the release or planned release of official files during the past year and into the next that are part of various governments efforts to investigate UFOs, none contain the kind of serious incidents backed up by impressive witnesses exposed in the Hoagland and Fox NPC events. Like most document releases related to UFOs and Aliens, they are merely sideshow events designed to distract from the real thing.

Fortunately, people can still hear the truth and be persuaded that they are not being given all the facts about UFOs, Aliens and what various Governments know about them by independent UFO organizations, researchers and Investigators. I receive emails and letters each month from people that have attended one of my seminars, read my newsletter or watched one of my presentations on prerecorded media (VHS Video, DVD, downloads, etc) over the years and finally come to the conclusion that they have been deceived by the government and mislead by the press.

Not all of the blame for a lack of interest in the subject of UFOs and Aliens can be placed at the door of news gathering organizations and weak-willed reporters. Many have fallen victim to UFO witnesses and cases that lacked credibility. Thanks to the backing of various mainstream UFO research organizations, these stories were allowed to be placed in front of the press and public before being fully investigated. Once exposed as possible hoaxes, the organizations that backed them damaged any future relationships the press might care to cultivate with serious UFO witnesses, whistleblowers or researchers that simply put information out and allow people to decide for themselves.

During the 1990s, a government scientist and insider named Dr Michael Wolf began contacting various news gathering organizations regarding information he had about cooperation between the U.S. Government and Aliens. He made these contacts with the blessing of his superiors. Despite his impeccable credentials, he was ignored and began offering the same information to UFO researchers, investigators and research organizations.

As expected, most of the mainstream UFO research organizations ignored or belittled him. Richard Hoagland was one of the independent researchers smart enough to take him seriously. As a result, he introduced Dr Wolf to Dick Criswell, another veteran UFO Researcher, and Dick introduced him to me. Although Wolf passed away in the year 2000, he left a legacy which included ten years of passing important information about UFOs, Aliens and government secrecy surrounding those subjects to those that would listen to him.

Despite the contributions of Dr Wolf, you would be hard-pressed to find much anything positive written about him on the websites or in the publications of mainstream UFO research organizations or publications. In fact, he was recently left out of a book touted as a UFO encyclopedia published by a major UFO magazine. Conversely, these organizations and publications were quick to send their attack dogs after Dr Wolf and you can still find plenty of noisy negativist stuff about him online.

A growing segment of those interested in the UFO phenomenon are becoming weary of the mainstream UFO research groups. The dissatisfaction began some time ago when it seemed that solid cases reported to these groups were ignored in favor of higher profile incidents with less than credible witnesses. Many of these high profile cases eventually proved to be embarrassments which made all of us look bad.

Best-selling author Whitley Strieber recently added his voice to the throng of dissatisfied UFO researchers, experiencers, buffs and interested parties that have grown weary of the mainstream organizations. He alluded to his own problems and long-standing disagreements with the Mutual UFO Network during a web cast of Unknown Country. He said that it would be unlikely to find him being invited to speak at their annual symposium any time soon. Whitley is the author of fictional novels, stories and his own true account of experiences with Aliens entitled Communion.

I recommend that you support people like Whitley Strieber, Richard C. Hoagland, James Fox and Leslie Kean. Listen to Whitley’s web cast, buy Hoagland’s Dark Mission book, purchase Fox’s Out of the Blue and thank Leslie Kean if you ever get the opportunity to do so. Tell others about their work, help spread the word about government secrecy and do the job that the press will not do. The truth remains out there and has little hope of landing in the press without a groundswell of public interest and support.

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