The Alien Abduction Phenomenon:Understanding The Experience Bill Knell

I. The Definition of Alien Abduction:

An Alien* (the Abductor), being defined as a being or entity (physical or ethereal) from somewhere other than the Earth that we know and inhabit, causes a Human to be abducted from any location and examined by the Abductor and Accomplices.

*Aliens are considered intelligent beings or entities from another world, another time or a different dimension. Some consider them hybrids produced by genetic manipulation. Others believe that Aliens may be ethereal or spiritual beings with an ability to take on a physical form when the need arises.

2. The Types of Beings Associated with Alien Abduction:

a) Small beings with oversized heads, pale or gray skin color and thin appendages (arms/legs). Typically 3-4 feet tall, their communication methods have been described as telepathic, a kind of barking, an unrecognizable language or recognizable language (they appear to be able to speak the language of the person who was abducted). They wear tight-fitting jumpsuit-style clothing or are completely naked displaying human male and female reproductive characteristics.

b) Tall beings that look similar to the small gray creatures, but seem more humanoid. They may have four or five fingers that are unusually long with sharp fingernails and are described as being five to eight feet tall. Some believe these are hybrids produced through genetic manipulation. They wear tight-fitting jumpsuit-style clothing or odd-looking uniforms.

c) Tall blond human or humanoid beings that wear tight-fitting jumpsuit-style clothing.*

*Abductees have reported seeing humans of all races involved in the Abduction process. The human accomplices rarely speak, seem intent on carrying out pre-assigned duties and do not generally respond to the words or actions of Abductees. Other humans wearing what appear to be earth-based military uniforms have also been observed.

d) Lizard-like or Reptilian creatures.

3. The Process of Alien Abduction:

a) Abductees are removed from their home, work, a vehicle or almost any location by non-human looking beings. These beings appear to float in windows or move through walls at will. Others remove doors from their hinges instead of opening them to enter or exit a structure. The vast majority of Abductees report the small gray beings as their Abductors. Most experiences last from three to six hours, others can last for days.

b) Most Alien Abductions begin in childhood*, continue throughout a person’s life and are generational within a Family bloodline. The choices of a family bloodline appear to be random with no noticeable commonality. Abductees are taken by Aliens as often as one or two times a month. Some experiences suddenly stop and do not reoccur, while others start, stop and occur haphazardly.

*Many Abductees recall childhood experiences of being visited by friendly animals that can talk or dead relatives. This is called Masking. In later years they may remember more about youthful abductions. Some of these awakened memories include seeing the talking animals or deceased relatives morph into the small gray beings.

c) During the experience an Abductee is normally given what appears to be a kind of advanced physical exam. This can include the collection of body fluids and painful intrusion of unfamiliar medical instruments or devices into various parts of their body.*

*Based on the procedure that Abductees describe, some medical professionals believe that at least a portion of the examination involves the collection of human DNA.

d) Abductees may be exposed to various types of environments*, technologies, beings and other Abductees for reasons unknown.

*Abductees have described walking naked through desert, arctic and mild environments in unknown locations while being observed by their Abductors.

e) Female Abductees are sometimes artificially impregnated (including some who have never had any sexual relations or were not having any at the time they became pregnant).

4. The Affects of Alien Abduction on Humans:

- Physiological and Psychological Ramifications for Humans:

a) Development of Phobias and Irrational Fears*

*Abductees with no prior history of behavioral problems or psychological issues develop irrational fears and phobias. The most common are fear of heights and enclosed areas. Anxiety Attacks are also common among Abductees.

b) Frequent Nosebleeds

c) Frequent Ear Infections

d) Frequent Headaches

e) Stigmata (unexplained and frequent bleeding)

f) Buzzing Sounds

g) Memory Loss and Missing Time*

*Abductees may have full, partial or no conscious memory of the event and most experience long periods of unaccounted for time. Some people use hypnosis as a tool to recall their Abduction. Others experience glimpses of these events during dreams or recall them through partial memories that seem to return over time.

h) Increased or Enhanced Mental Abilities*

*Most Abductees experience enhanced metal abilities that may include one or more of the following:

- Increased intelligence.

- An interest and ability to excel in Science and Mathematics.

- An aptitude for technical or mechanical vocations.

- Problem solving skills.

- A tendency to pursue a career or hobby involving art or music.

- Psychic or supernatural abilities (precognition, retro-cognition, out of body experiences, remote viewing, the ability to heal others and various forms of ESP).

I) Scars*

*Many Abductees have unexplained visible marks on their bodies that we refer to as surgical scars. These are usually small circular or semi-circular scars on legs, arms, necks and backs where no surgery has been performed or injuries sustained.

j) Body Alterations and Implanted

*Abductees may have unexplained holes in their teeth or at the base of one or both ears. Some notice a ’bump’ just under their skin or can feel a tiny object buried in the cartilage of their nose. These objects can appear on an MRI and look like tiny metal pellets when they are surgically removed. An increasing number of Abductees report Alien procedures that involve the implantation of tiny devices in reproductive and other areas. These tend to be embedded in tissue just under the skin and resemble some type of advanced circuitry. Thin ’wires’ appear to connect the devices to the tissue.

k) Pregnancy and subsequent Disappearance of the Fetus*

*Women have reported being artificially inseminated or implanted with a fetus that is later removed before the birth process is complete. Some are later shown what appear to be infants that have both human and alien characteristics.

5. The Affects of Alien Abduction on Environments and Animals:

a) Failure or Modification of Electronic Devices*

*Complicated or simple electronic devices (computers, keyboards for musical instruments, watches and vehicle technology) fail to operate. Some of these devices appear to be modified in a way not possible using currently available human technologies.

b) Physical Evidence and Ecological Alteration*

*Four or five fingered scratches appear on walls, window pains and sills. Paint on walls and doors fades overnight. Tight door hinges that are painted over appear clean and loose. Pool or Hot Tub water is discolored. Higher than trace or background radiation is detected. Circular areas of about thirty feet in diameter appear on lawns. These cause a drying affect on grass, trees, bushes, plants and soil. Affected flora may begin to grow sideways instead of up for an undetermined period of time. People are lifted out of vehicles. Vehicles are lifted off the road and transported to an unknown location where the Abductors physically remove Abductees from the vehicle. Vehicles are later returned, but not always with or in the same place as the Abductee.

c) Alteration of Animal Behavior*

*Pets may suddenly alter their normal behavior without any physiological reason. Docile pets may become vicious and aggressive animals may become more docile.

d) Unexplained Animal Deaths or Mutilations *

*While it’s normally considered a separate issue connected to the U.F.O. Phenomenon, unexplained Animal Mutilations may occur in areas where multiple or habitual Alien Abductions appear to take place. The animal mutilation victims are generally cats and dogs in suburban areas and cows, sheep, goats and wild deer in rural areas. The unexplained mutilations consist of the removal of body parts and in a clean manner not typical of an attack by predators. What appear to be surgical incisions are found on the corpse. Blood may be absent from the corpse and large animals are often moved out of penned or fenced in areas that remain locked with no damage to the fencing material. Witnesses have reported the presence of UFOs or Aliens during these events. Some claim to have witnessed the lifting up of large animals into UFOs by unknown means. Government suppression of information related to this area of study has limited our ability to fully understand how these events may relate to Alien Abduction.

6. The Purpose of Alien Abduction:

- Possible Reasons WHY Aliens Abduct Humans:

a) To study and learn about human behavior and intelligence for undetermined reasons.

b) To study and learn about the human body for undetermined reasons.

c) To extract DNA and other materials from the bodies of humans for research, hybrid creation or for other reasons as yet undetermined.

d) To assess the physical and mental abilities of humans at various ages for undetermined reasons.

7. The U.S. Government Response To Alien Abduction:

a) Official Denial*

*When asked about UFOs or related subjects, most U.S. Government agencies or military branches will refer people to any one of a number of carefully worded statements, study findings or publications that claim there is no proof Aliens have visited Earth. Many point to the findings of Project Bluebook, the official U.S. Government investigation into UFOs that collected over 12,000 UFO reports between 1952 and 1969 (the project ended in 1970). A scientific committee examined the Blue Book case files and decided that about 95% of all UFO incidents reported to the Air Force were explainable, 5% to 6% were not and that the phenomenon (if it existed at all) posed no threat to the National Security of the United States. However, it’s important to understand that this was not a scientific study. The primary goal was to decide whether or not UFOs were a threat to national security, not to validate their existence as anything more than explainable phenomenon. Despite reports from trained observers such as pilots and first responders (Police, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians) and impressive physical evidence cases, Bluebook made no effort to validate these or other ‘high strangeness’ events as anything other than natural phenomenon, planets, stars or misidentified aircraft.

b) Unofficial Interest and Secret Investigations*

Freedom of Information Act requests, statements by whistleblowers who had worked with or for the U.S. Government, leaked government documents and the investigation of Abductee cases by UFO Researchers have revealed the following to date:

1. Whenever someone calls the FBI agency to inquire about UFOs or Aliens or to ask what the government may know about UFOs or Aliens, a personal FBI file for that individual is generated.

2. A number of programs involving the assessment of children that showed signs of having experienced Alien Abduction on a regular basis were ongoing during the 1960s and early 1970s. Most were loosely connected to State Universities with vague goals and unknown sponsorship. These programs operated under the guise of evaluating the intelligence and motor skills of ‘gifted children.’ Offers of scholarship money or free advanced technological training programs after high school were made to parents that would allow their children to participate. To my knowledge, none of those offers or commitments were ever actually made available to the children who participated. Sessions were held once a month or more, usually on weekends during the summer. During these sessions children would be asked to play with what appeared to be advanced computers or other types of technology, submit to IQ tests, answer unusual questions and take part in games designed to make Alien Abductions seem to be a normal part of growing up.

3. Government or Military Leaders may have opted to sanction Alien Abductions in return for advanced technologies.

4. People who call U.S. Military Bases to make inquiries about local UFO sightings or incidents are casually questioned by people identified as information or public liaison personnel.

5. Some Abductees who have been physically affected by their experience have been invited or brought to known and unknown military facilities for examination and interrogation. No treatments, information or explanations were offered them during these sessions.

8. Alternative Explanations for Alien Abduction:

a) Unexplained Psychological and/or Physiological Process or Disorder*

*Some Mental Health Professionals believe that the Abduction Phenomenon is a symptom of a mental disorder or illness. Others believe it may be a kind of mass hysteria, part of the normal purging of thoughts and memory that occurs during the dream state or the result of some unfamiliar process involving the unconscious mind. An experience known as Night Terrors has recently been one of the explanations offered to explain Alien Abductions. Illustrations and surviving written accounts date these experiences back to the dark ages. Most occur during a time of night when a person would be in a deep sleep. People experiencing Night Terrors claim to be visited by supernatural beings of all descriptions that come to steal souls, rape, abduct or harass. Mental Health Professionals generally consider Night Terrors a form of sleep disorder.

b) Hoaxes

c) Unknown, Secret or Renegade Government Activity

d) Cultural Mythology

9. People Who Claim To Experience Alien Abduction:

a) People without Behavioral or Psychological Disorders*

*Although there are few studies on the subject, most Alien Abduction or UFO Researchers point to the fact that the vast majority of Abductees are people without a history of mental or behavioral disorders. Most have steady work histories, romantic attachments, a healthy sex life and close friends. The fact that Alien Abduction experiences appear to begin in childhood may have allowed these people enough time to adjust and accept the phenomenon as a normal part of life.

b) People with Behavioral or Psychological Disorders*

*A minority of Abductees are people with severe or debilitating behavioral or psychological disorders. Many of these people have experienced a greater or more frequent degree of Alien contact that may account for some of their problems. However, it’s important to understand that they also fall into the statistical norm for the overall number of individuals suffering from behavioral disorders or mental illness in society.

c) People with Missing Time*

*One of the common evidences for Alien Abduction is the Missing Time phenomenon. This experience was first fully documented in the book ’Interrupted Journey’ by John G. Fuller. That book centers on the now famous Betty and Barney Hill case of Alien Abduction that occurred during the 1960s. In that case and others like it, people experience hours of time they cannot account for during which Alien Abduction occurs.

d) People with Missing or False Memories*

*Abductees who experience missing time also tend to have no memory of what happened to them during those instances. Others experience false memories which may have been suggested to them during an Alien Abduction. Typical false or implanted memories include spending time with a friend or relative, staying late at work or being stuck in traffic. When it appears the false or implanted memory never occurred, the Abductee is often at a loss to explain what did happen. Although still unproven and subject to easy manipulation, Hypnosis has been a tool that some Abduction Researchers have found helpful in retrieving memories of what did happen. In other cases, Abductees recall their experiences through dreams, or memories return over an undetermined period of time.

e) People with Unusual Abilities*

*Some Abductees develop or claim to have paranormal powers like ESP, Precognition, Retro-cognition, Healing and Remote Viewing abilities.

f) People Who Experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)*

*The National Center for PTSD defines PTDS and explains the results as the following:

“Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a psychiatric disorder that can occur following the experience or witnessing of life-threatening events such as military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, serious accidents, or violent personal assaults like rape. Most survivors of trauma return to normal given a little time. However, some people will have stress reactions that do not go away on their own, or may even get worse over time. These individuals may develop PTSD. People who suffer from PTSD often relive the experience through nightmares and flashbacks, have difficulty sleeping, and feel detached or estranged, and these symptoms can be severe enough and last long enough to significantly impair the person"s daily life.

PTSD is marked by clear biological changes as well as psychological symptoms. PTSD is complicated by the fact that it frequently occurs in conjunction with related disorders such as depression, substance abuse, problems of memory and cognition, and other problems of physical and mental health. The disorder is also associated with impairment of the person"s ability to function in social or family life, including occupational instability, marital problems and divorces, family discord, and difficulties in parenting.”

One of the arguments for the reality of Alien Abduction is that many Abductees are found to be suffering from PTSD when examined by a Mental Health Professional. In most cases, Abductees have had no other traumatic events in their lives to examine the symptoms of PTSD. As with others suffering from PTSD for unrelated reasons, the symptoms may eventually fade as experiences decrease or the Abductee gets used to them.

f) People with Unexplained Scars, Marks, Holes, Pregnancies or Implants*

*Abductees may have unexplained holes in their teeth or at the base of one or both ears. Some notice a ’bump’ just under their skin or can feel a tiny object buried in the cartilage of their nose. These objects can appear on an MRI and look like tiny metal pellets when they are surgically removed. An increasing number of Abductees report Alien procedures that involve the implantation of tiny devices in reproductive and other areas. These tend to be embedded in tissue just under the skin and resemble some type of advanced circuitry. Thin ’wires’ appear to connect the devices to the tissue. Women have reported being artificially inseminated or implanted with a fetus that is later removed before the birth process is complete. Some are later shown what appear to be infants that have both human and alien characteristics.

10. Comments about Alien Abduction:

Most skeptics claim that untrained people involved with junk science and urban mythology are the biggest supporters of the idea that Aliens are visiting the Earth and abducting Humans. They complain that UFO and Alien Abduction Researchers lack the scientific training to examine the evidence or draw proper conclusions from it. However, they fail to acknowledge that Science is a process of discovery that leads to an educated guess. Even when learned Scientists esteemed by their colleagues are involved with that process, they often disagree with each other. As a result, it’s not unusual to find out over time and with the advent of new technology that their methods are hopelessly flawed and their conclusions are completely incorrect.

It’s easy to forget that just a century ago many of the world’s most influential medical professionals prescribed the process of bleeding people to treat or cure various ailments. Less than seventy years ago Scientists, Philosophers and Authors took narcotics for inspiration or for a better ability to concentrate. Less than fifty years ago many University Professors and Medical Researchers believed that taking LSD would open up a new world of consciousness to them and allow for the evolution and expansion of the Human Mind. These were all the actions of trained professionals in their fields.

Anyone who takes a few hours to make an objective inquiry into the Alien Abduction phenomenon, actually speak with an Abductee and examine the evidence has to agree that some type of real process is taking place. If it’s not Abduction by Aliens, it’s got to be something even more bizarre and unsettling. And that’s the real reason why it’s so hard to accept the idea that Alien Abductions are taking place. No matter what’s going on here, it flies in the face of the idea that mainline Science can explain everything and that people are in complete control of their lives and their world.

There can be no doubt that if Aliens are Abducting people, it is not considered to be a positive event by the vast majority of those who claim to experience it. Even if the long term affect on Humanity turns out to be a positive one as some claim it will, the negative effect on the individuals being taken in the short term cannot be sanctioned.

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