The Slovenia UFO Incidents and NATO Military Response Bill Knell

According to a recent Slovenia news broadcast, one or more UFOs appeared over Ajdovščina, a town of about seven thousand people in the Vipava Valley that’s about thirteen miles from the Italian border. A video exists which appears to show a large, disc-shaped UFO that allegedly appeared just after six o’clock on the evening of October 14, 2008. The video shows the object hovering over Ajdovščina.

People in Ajdovščina, Ozeljan and Shempas all reported strange phenomena in conjunction with UFO sightings on October 14, 2008. The phenomena included cell phone and electrical outages, and loud noises that sounded like artillery fire. A Russian newspaper reported that a UFO was seen above the Krško Nuclear Power Plant in Krško, Slovenia, on several occasions between October 13 and October 16, 2008. This might explain the roughly five minute power outages that occurred in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana and other cities and towns throughout the country during the UFO sightings.

A military aircraft appears briefly in the video of the UFO that appeared over Ajdovščina. It was probably dispatched from Aviano Air Force Base, a NATO facility located in northeastern Italy. Slovenia has been a member of NATO since 2004. It would be unlikely to restrict U.S. or NATO Forces from conducting operations against anything in their skies that might interfere with the operation of their nuclear power plant or pose a potential threat to their nation.

Eyewitnesses in nearby Serbia also reported UFOs and other strange phenomena during the past several weeks. Along with brief power outages, they reported a loud noise which sounded like an explosion, minor earth tremors and an unseen destructive force that leveled several buildings, ruined a few houses and destroyed corn fields. Loud noises, brief power and cell phone outages, and minor earth tremors were reported in various locations scattered throughout the USA earlier this year in conjunction with UFO sightings.

A male passenger that was aboard an Adria Airlines flight headed to Ljubljana on October 12, 2008, sent me an email about a UFO sighting he had. He is an American currently working in Slovenia:

“We were getting ready to land in Ljubljana around 1430 hours when the aircraft started shaking briefly. There were not more than fifty people aboard and we’re all used to the kind of turbulence that you get flying over Slovenia. This was different. It put us all on edge. Some of the passengers on the port side started yelling. Every looked out the windows and saw a glowing light that kept changing colors. It sparkled purple, red, green, blue. The light was oblong and kept flipping over. After a minute it blinked out and was gone. We tried taking cell pics of it. They didn’t show anything.”

The passenger said that he and the other passengers saw several aircraft near the UFO, but told me that they did not appear to be military. None of the cell phone photos that were taken actually showed anything. The flight crew never said anything about the UFO and no one from his flight talked about it after the plane landed. He did hear several people in the airport saying that they saw a UFO during another flight, but he was afraid to ask them about it. There were more armed security officers roaming the airport that evening than he was used to and that made him cautious.

This latest round of UFO incidents is typical of the flap that has occurred over the past year. The fact that NATO jets may have been involved is no surprise either. U.S. and NATO Air Forces have been increasingly active in chasing UFOs, despite excuses and claims to the contrary. Eyewitness and photographic evidence shows that as recently as February 22, 2008, a military helicopter was involved in a low altitude chase of three luminous balls of light just a few miles from Cervia Air Base in Italy.

More troubling than the fact that NATO military aircrafts are regularly involved in the attempted interception of UFOs is the fact that such unannounced and secretive actions put nations and individuals at risk. During the past few weeks Russian Forces have been on some sort of high alert status. That fact was announced by several cable news channels, as well as the news broadcasts offered by the major broadcast networks. Why? The answer may be that while NATO is busy chasing UFOs around the skies of the world, the Russians are interpreting these actions as provocative and taking precautionary actions of their own.

Skeptics and their cohorts continue to applaud the denials of powerful governments throughout the world which proclaim that incidents involving military forces and extraterrestrials are merely folklore or a misinterpretation of training exercises, but that doesn’t mean they do not occur. The TRUTH isn’t just OUT THERE, it’s RIGHT HERE and the sooner that some people face it, the better!

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