Philadelphia Experiment Survivor Predicts Major Power Outage Bill Knell

During the first week in August, 2003, Al Bielek predicted the failure of a major power grid sometime in mid-August. Bielek made this prediction on the Coast to Coast show which features themes associated with the unexplained, paranormal and earth changes.

As someone who has claimed to have traveled into the future during experiments at the Montauk Base on Long Island during the 1980s and the original Philadelphia Experiment in the 1940s, people have often questioned his stories of government experiments with time travel and mind control. When I filmed an interview with him and two other Montauk Survivors in 1989, he recalled being in the midst of terrible devastation in New York City at some future point in time. Bielek had been transported there, he said, by a time device located at Montauk. All three knew about the event, but beyond describing the destruction, would not comment on it. I now believe that Al Bielek had traveled to 2001 and witnessed the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks.

Given his latest prediction, it seems that skeptics owe Bielek an apology. One could argue that local power failures happen in the summertime because of demands placed on systems by air conditioners, but to predict an entire grid would go down and then have it happen is more then coincidence! Bielek attributed this to the fact that itís the 60th anniversary of the Philadelphia Experiment. What he meant by that, Iím not sure. But this may be a message from the future to the past that time travel is real and the U.S. Government is covering it up.

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