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Itís taken me some time to be able to write this article. Thatís because I am in awe of the time travel prophecy that came my way just a year and a half ago. I shouldnít be because itís happened before. I clearly remember sitting in a quiet room in the late 1980s when Preston Nichols, Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron spoke of a cataclysmic event that would occur sometime in the future of New York City. As my video camcorder captured their every word, I remember how reluctant they were to talk about it. Their reluctance seemed almost dutiful and preprogrammed. Watching that video today, I know they were describing the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

To recap from previous articles: On February 12, 2004, a woman that Iíll refer to as Virginia was joined by her husband and two friends to clean out a small room that existed on the second floor of their newly purchased retirement home in Maryland. The eighty-five year old house needed an interior facelift. With Contractor work set to begin shortly, the four had the task of removing items from a smaller room that was going to become part of a larger open area when everything was completed.

As the small group of people prepared the items for removal, they suddenly felt sick to their stomachs. A green mist appeared in the room accompanied by the form of a man and the odor of over-heated circuitry. He looked like a sailor wearing a long out of date naval uniform. Before anyone could react, the sailor looked at the group and said, ď2005. Watch out for 2005! Theyíre playing with your future!Ē After that, the Sailor faded into the wall and the green mist quickly dissipated. All agreed later that they had heard his voice and everyone heard the same thing. They described the Sailorís voice as deep and full, but sounding a bit muffled.

Despite the seemingly over-dramatic words and manner of the misty sailor, it would be a mistake to dismiss the incident out of hand. I have carefully researched this event as time and finances have allowed since it first occurred over a year ago. My investigations have leaded me to believe that itís not a work of fiction and likely occurred as reported. Although I have dutifully reported the progress of my investigation through follow-up articles, I have not turned the entire situation into some sort of carnival atmosphere. I knew that this event would somehow play out and now it has.

Hurricane Katrina was more then just a weather event; it was a catastrophe of almost unprecedented proportions. Was that the nature of the sailorís warning? Itís hard to say because there doesnít seem to be any direct connection between the two events, at least on the surface. Digging deeper has uncovered some disturbing facts that we all may want to consider before drawing any final conclusions.

The manipulation of weather has long been a priority for the United States. One need only look at HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program). The notorious HARRP array in Alaska is said to have the ability to bounce electromagnetic beams off the upper atmosphere and focus them for the purpose of heating the ionosphere. Although touted as the building block for an advanced military communication and tracking system, there can be no doubt that HAARP has the ability to cause some type of weather changes. It may be no accident that HAARP is also a direct descendent of ELF and Radiosonde research.

ELF is a special low frequency radio system used to allow for communication with submarines deep under the sea. The Radiosonde is a radio sounding device. These devices are used by the National Weather Service and often placed on weather balloons. HAARP, ELF and Radiosonde devices have long been connected to research that goes hand in hand with the Philadelphia Experiment technologies. The mind control aspect of the Philadelphia Experiment was said to have involved the use of microwave, Radiosonde and other technologies that could have preceded or coincided with the development of ELF and HAARP.

The technology used for the invisibility effect achieved during the original P.E. experiments affected the minds of those involved. This left the door wide open to explore the possible use of that technology for mind control. Imagine the military or political benefits that could be derived from the successful deployment of mind control devices? However, those devices would only be as good as their ability to operate over a widespread area. The development of additional technologies to assure that would be possible may have also assisted in the discovery and deployment of things like ELF, HAARP and Radiosondes. However, there can be no doubt that the use of these technologies to control weather would be equally as beneficial from a political or military standpoint.

Weather manipulation can provide obvious benefits in terms of record harvests, national revenues and tourism. The danger, however, is the same one that exists with time travel. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You cannot attempt to alter the past or future without the potential of doing serious damage to yourself or others. Thatís because we do not yet possess the ability to fully manipulate time. To do that, we would have to have a complete database of its ebb and flow. Most would concede the implausibility of being able to create such a concise record. However, that would not stop us and probably has not stopped us from attempting to control weather or time. Our Space Program provides a good model for this.

Once we discovered that the technologies to take us out into Space could be developed, we went ahead full throttle. As with Time Travel and Weather Control technologies, the potential political, economic and military benefits derived from diversified missile and rocket projects were just tempting to ignore. No one was concerned about being able to control how many missiles were eventually deployed, the amount of space junk that would end up in orbit or the number of people who might die during space missions. Worrying about all that would come later.

Despite the horrendous damage we might due to our planet in trying to control the weather, I have no doubt that such considerations play a secondary role. I am certain that many scientists have convinced themselves that we now know enough about our ecosystem to be able to predict almost any potential problem with weather control. Likewise, the scientists and engineers working on time travel projects have likely adopted the popular theory that says that Time is actually a big circle with no beginning or end. That would allow for movement anywhere within that circle. Any changes would merely become part of the norm, despite the fact that large numbers of people, places or things may be permanently altered or simply cease to exist.

Acceptance of the big circle theory when it comes to Time Travel may have opened a Pandoraís Box that can never be closed. It might not be unreasonable to suggest that the government would use available weather alteration technologies to cause what seems like a catastrophe to fix or prevent a problem created or detected by their Time Travel program. Such a problem could end up being ten times worse then the disaster they may have caused to fix or prevent it.

Most people think in the now. When considering the past, present or future, they do so in relation to the reality they know. Suppose it were possible to consider any number of possible realities, choose one and replace those less desirable? The problem is that accomplishing that switch may come with unforeseen consequences. When it comes to time travel, little problems can quickly become big ones requiring more then just a little tweaking of a desired time line.

Because New Orleans is one of Americaís largest ports, itís not unreasonable to consider the possibility that something terrible may have happened requiring a PE-style time travel fix and subsequent alteration of the present as a preventative measure. There could have been a dirty bomb or biological attack by terrorists bringing something into that port. A hurricane might have been just the distraction needed for U.S. Authorities to deal with the threat in a quiet way.

Less then a year ago there was a story on the major cable news networks of a cargo ship carrying something dangerous on board. The ship was headed toward the east coast of the U.S. The last I heard was that the Coast Guard was going to intercept the ship far offshore because they had word of a credible threat. Following those reports, the story and the ship just vanished. Nothing more was said. I went to the CNN and Fox News websites looking for the story that both networks had reported. The story was gone. This is not conjecture or guesswork, itís fact.

Hurricane Katrina and the possibilities it has provided as a fulfillment of the time traveling sailorís prophecy is something we should all carefully consider. For me, the shoe fits and fits very well. We can only hope that the next warning we receive will be one that allows us to take some preventative action. The very nature and dramatic accent of the 2004 warning leaves me with the sinking feeling that it was motivated more by desperation, then the hope that anyone had the ability to stop what was coming.

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