The Philadelphia Experiment: New Evidence Surfaces 3 Bill Knell

Part Three:

Opening any investigation associated with The Philadelphia Experiment is like opening a can of worms. You expect to focus on one event and end up investigating fifty, all going in different directions. Thatís because we have conveniently lumped everything associated with what started as a secret Navy Experiment in the 1940ís together. In reality, the 1940ís Navy project was merely a root from which everything else grew. The problem is that we still do not know much about the original experiment itself.

Whether purposely or by accident, scientists working on a way to rapidly demagnetize U.S. Warships against sophisticated German Mines and make our military vessels invisible to enemy radar seemed to have accomplished a lot more. They discovered how to make ships completely invisible, move people and things through time and space, affect the human thinking process and contact alien beings visiting our world by using the same basic technology they do. The problem with all these wonderful or frightful discoveries is that they have always seemed to require more technology to control then we have ever had available.

Watching the progress of everything that came out of the original Philadelphia Experiment is observing the Government play technological catch up with what it has always hoped would be the greatest scientific discoveries in all history. Imagine the frustration of Leonardo Da Vinci inventing a motor vehicle that had to use a spring to operate because there was no internal combustion engine available to him. Most scholars say that Leonardo gave up on the idea of building the vehicle because it lacked what the genius considered to be a useful motor. Those who have tried to access the full potential of the Philadelphia Experiment discoveries might have taken a lesson from Leonardo and realized their own technological limitations. Instead, they have tried to build a living machine with parts from Radio Shack.

I have come to the conclusion that the key to making the P.E. technology work is the human mind and our ability to link it with controlling technology. The problem is and has always been that such controlling technology just doesnít exist yet. Instead, those working on the P.E. discoveries have tried to substitute people who have the ability to harness and use powerful psychic energy in the place of controlling technology. That mistake has snowballed into a series of calamities that have become unstoppable and may extend hundreds of years into our future.

Even the most powerful Psychic is always a servant to the human brain and itís working structure. The conscious and unconscious mind continually collide and have a tendency to distort images, ideas and messages. For most of us who possess little or no psychic powers, this isnít a problem. The relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind keeps us alert, sane and able to process information on a personal basis as it relates to us. For Psychics, this back and forth between the conscious and unconscious mind can be more of a hindrance then a help. It takes any information sent or received through Psychic channels and creates an unwelcome buffer that interprets the information, rather then just sending or receiving it. Without the ability to access just certain parts of the Human Brain that could control the P.E. discoveries without interpretation or thought interference, the whole process is dangerously flawed.

After years of speaking with people associated with various projects that have grown out of the original P.E. discoveries, I have always felt there were a series of loose ends that needed to be tied up. These are bits and pieces of information that seem credible and add up to something, but evade our ability to trace and fully understand where they lead. I have also felt within these loose ends lies the real heart of understanding what the Government has tried to do with the P.E. discoveries. Recent information provided to me by new witnesses may now help unlock that door.

To recap, my last two articles concerned the paranormal experience of a retired Maryland Couple and their two friends. The event occurred while they were remodeling a recently purchased home. The couple and their two friends were working in a small room on the second floor of the eighty-five year old structure when a green mist filled one corner of the room. This was followed by the sudden appearance of what they described as a man in an outdated U.S. Navy uniform. The man became as solid as they and said, ď2005! Watch out for 2005! Theyíre playing with our future!Ē The sailor then vanished along with the mist.

After several months of part time investigation into the event, I am certain it occurred. But I now believe that my investigation has been heading in the wrong direction. I naturally assumed that if this experience was a real one, it was a good candidate to be connected to the original Philadelphia Experiment. Like most people, I became too focused on the Eldridge and automatically wanted to associate this new occurrence with one of the early events known to have occurred with that ship. Then I was drawn to a new direction by some old ghost stories.

To help cover some of the increasing expenses associated with this investigation, I accepted a paid after-dinner speaking engagement for a small corporate dinner. The event took place near Norfolk, Virginia, and was perfectly timed. I was able to spend a few days with the Maryland witnesses and head on to the speaking gig. Although most people ask me to speak about UFOs, Government Cover-Ups or The Philadelphia Experiment, on this occasion I was asked to share some of the investigative experiences I have had with ghosts.

After speaking for about ninety minutes, I spent quite a bit of time answering questions about my speech and investigations. I was gratified to find that the crowd had really enjoyed my presentation. When it came time to leave, I still had several people who wanted to speak with me. One of them was a witness to an odd event that had occurred aboard the now retired aircraft carrier, USS Hornet. Although I had read quite a bit about the Hornet, it had been awhile since I gave the ship much thought.

The USS Hornet that I am referring to is the eighth U.S. Navy ship to carry that name. Commissioned in 1943, the Hornet is an aircraft carrier that is currently designated as a National Landmark and Museum thatís docked in Alameda, California. Itís also known as the most haunted ship in the U.S. Navy! No one who has spent any time investigating the paranormal would have been able to avoid all the tales involving the Hornet. One of the reasons for this reputation involves the fact that during almost thirty years of service, around three hundred people have lost their lives aboard. The shipís nickname is The Grey Ghost.

The witness I talked to after the speaking engagement had been employed for several years by a Government Contractor in California. He was later transferred to the Norfolk area. During his time in California, this former sailor who served in the Navy before, during and until shortly after the Gulf War visited the Hornet on several occasions. On his last visit, the witness said that he saw a man in an outdated sailorís uniform wondering around as if he was lost. Distracted by other visitors who wanted to get past him, the witness turned back and saw that the sailor was gone. He also said that the event made him feel physically ill.

While speaking to one of the volunteers on the ship, the witness discovered that he was not alone in his experience. Many visitors, volunteers and employees had similar experiences. They saw former crew members in period uniforms coming and going as if still on duty. Because no one was able to get a photo and observations were limited to just a few seconds each, no individual crew members had been formally identified. As in the case of most sightings of this kind, everyone just assumed that these incidents were either hallucinations, hoaxes or ghostly appearances.

My discussion with the witness got very interesting when I brought up the Philadelphia Experiment and my most recent investigation. He told me about several former crew members of the Hornet who said they had experienced the sighting of people they assumed were crew members walking through walls in 1943. After my return home, I called this witness and had several fascinating conversations with him. He provided me with the names of the former Hornet crew members had had spoken with. One of these men had since passed on, but the other was still with us and willing to discuss his experience with me.

This witness spoke of seeing men fade into and out of walls inside the ship on several occasions. It seems that seeing men passing through walls was not necessarily an uncommon event on board the Hornet. This may have been where itís reputation for being the most haunted ship in the Navy began. What concerned me was whether there was any relationship between the Hornet and anything related to the P.E. discoveries?

Like the USS Eldridge, the history of the Hornet is anything but a straight line. Originally designated as the USS Kearsarge, the ship was renamed after the previous Hornet was sunk during October of 1942. The new Hornet was built in the Newport News shipyard, commissioned on November 29, 1943 and distinguished itself during 16 months spent in the Pacific attacking Japanese forces. On several occasions the ship was within 40 miles of the Japanese home islands. Here is the strange thing. Although the ship came under air attack some fifty-nine times, the Hornet was never hit!

Although there are no accounts of the ship being directly involved in any type of unusual experiments of the type experienced by the USS Eldridge, itís hard to explain how the Hornet could find itself in harmís way so many times without being successfully hit. Her pilots also assembled an unusual record. They destroyed a total of 1410 Japanese aircraft. On one occasion, 72 Japanese aircraft were downed by Hornet pilots in one day!

One of the recollections of the witness who had seen the men fading in and out of the walls of the Hornet in 1943 was of feeling physically ill just before each event (there were three such events experienced by him). There was the connection I was looking for! The Maryland couple and their friends had felt sick to their stomachs just before the sailor appeared. So did the witness who had recently visited the hornet Museum. There was an obvious pattern emerging here and I am certain it itís related to the P.E. discoveries.

In 1946 the Hornet was decommissioned and remained so until 1953. If any type of odd or unusual technology was placed on the ship for use in the Pacific, it was certainly removed during the decommission or even before. While we may have no specific evidence that anything related to the P.E. discoveries was tested or used aboard the Hornet during the 1940s, we do now have some compelling stories that match up and involve sailors fading into and out of walls as in the case of the Eldridge and the sailors associated with it. But the weirdness doesnít end there.

It seems that unexplained headaches were a regular part of life aboard the USS Hornet. Most of these were unofficially attributed to a new and powerful radar system on board. It could be argued that in those early days of radar, things were probably not as insulated or safe as they could have been. One of the great stories involving microwaves and radar comes from a shipís cook who said he was serving aboard an Aircraft Carrier (not the Hornet as far as we know) during World War II. With limited time to defrost frozen meat, he would often take boxes of hot dogs and place them on top of some of the radar equipment that sat in a compartment near the galley. The equipment would get very warm and acted as a terrific defroster. But on several occasions he noticed that the hot dogs were not only defrosted, but actually cooked in a very short period of time. Iím sure he had no idea that this was microwave energy at work!

The only problem with the radar theory as a cause for the headaches is that crew members throughout the ship seem to have suffered from these headaches. If the cause had to do with microwaves or radar, why wasnít the problem limited to the areas were the radar equipment was kept? Letís consider another explanation.

Scientists have been aware of electrical activity in the human brain since Richard Caton, an English physiologist, first studied the matter in 1875. By the 1950s, American Scientists working for the CIA cooperated with the Canadian Government to implant special devices into the heads of Ontario mental patients. The devices were used to help control their behavior. After the Canadian Government made information about the project public in the 1970s, relatives of those used in the secret research successfully sued the USA and Canada over the matter.

Considering the technological leaps made from the turn of the century and up until the 1940s, it doesnít seem unreasonable to believe that Scientists may have found a crude way to use the human brain as a catalyst to operate what they could of technology gathered from the P.E. discoveries. Itís interesting to note that during just the past fifty years there have been many incidents involving employees and military personnel becoming strangely ill on Federal Properties. Most complained of headaches and some went insane. Beyond the incidents of shootings by Postal workers, consider all the violent episodes and suicides on and near Military Bases.

Given the amazing possibilities offered by the P.E. discoveries, itís not unrealistic to believe the U.S. Government would permit secret experimentation on federal employees and members of the military that might allow access to that technology. There are still thousands of former Veterans suffering today from exposure to Atomic blasts and nuclear experimentations that occurred during the 1940s and 1950s. Many have been denied treatment, medicine and recompense in the name of secrecy.

I believe we have established a credible connection between the new event in Maryland, the sailors that seem to come and go from nowhere on board various ships and the P.E. discoveries. While a few very Psychic people may have been used to direct or access technology associated with the P.E. discoveries, it may have taken the power of many more minds to help focus any equipment being used to its full potential. In fact, we may have already moved to the next step to take individuals and groups of people out of the P.E. experimental loop.

the During the 1970s and 1980s stories began to appear of living material made up of human DNA and some sort of circuitry being found in tiny pieces near military installations where new and secret aircraft were being tested. Is it possible that the P.E. discoveries require Ďliving machinesí to operate? An even bigger question is what has happened to those unfortunates who were exposed to the P.E. discoveries and technology during the early days? Thatís a question I will try and answer I my next installment.

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