The Philadelphia Experiment: New Evidence Surfaces 2 Bill Knell

The intent of my last article on the Philadelphia Experiment was to update and inform, but also to seek reciprocation. Itís a foolish paranormal researcher who keeps information from the public and then expects them to fly to his doorstep with what they may know about a particular case. Based on the response to my article, I am happy that I decided to share what has come my way. But before I share whatís new, allow me to recap.

My last article concerned the paranormal experience of a retired Maryland Couple and their two friends. The event occurred while they were remodeling a recently purchased home. The couple and their two friends were working in a small room on the second floor of the eighty-five year old structure when a green mist filled one corner of the room. This was followed by the sudden appearance of what they described as a man in an outdated U.S. Navy uniform. The man became as solid as they and said, ď2005! Watch out for 2005! Theyíre playing with our future!Ē The sailor then vanished along with the mist.

After two visits to the location of this event and a number of follow-up interviews with the witnesses, I remain convinced that these people are being completely honest about what happened. The couple have actually offered to take a lie detector test, but I do not see that as necessary just yet. While I am objective, I am not a cynic or septic (Oops, did I mean Skeptic?). Itís been my experience that even the most well-meaning researcher can investigate the life right out of any case. Asking too many questions, drawing too many conclusions or reading too much into mundane aspects of any paranormal event can drive the case, witnesses and investigation away from fruitful areas.

It was my intention to spend much of a second visit with the Maryland Couple and their friends as an observer. While it may be possible that a sailor from the original Philadelphia Experiment trapped in some sort of limbo just happened to appear when and where he did, itís also possible that the time and location were carefully chosen. Either way, I was certain that the solution to that riddle wouldnít be found by pressing the couple and their friends for answers they didnít have. Instead, I allowed the witnesses to volunteer any information, impressions or feelings they had about the event and kept my eyes open.

During the second day of my second visit to the Maryland Witnesses, I noticed that several full-sized, unmarked vans began to appear near the home they were renovating. Not wanting to read too much into this, I didnít mention it to anyone and merely snapped a few photos of the vehicles. By the end of that same day a larger vehicle resembling an RV entered the area. I was more then a little curious after noticing a NASA emblem on it. I approached it and attempted contact with anyone that might be inside, but no one responded. I took some photos and went back to my motel.

After giving the whole situation some thought, I decided to contact a friend of mine who was also a journalist. He had no interest in the Philadelphia Experiment, but had helped me with several UFO cases in the past. Without providing him with the story behind my visit to Maryland, I merely pointed out that something strange had happened in a particular area of the State and now NASA was there! We both recalled how that after a flurry of UFO sightings and encounters in the Fyffe (Alabama) area in the 1980Ďs, NASA trucks had shown up. The reason given back then for their presence was ĎAtmospheric Researchí without any further elaboration.

My friend called me just before lunchtime the next day. He said that several calls to press contacts within NASA had yielded nothing. No one had any information about NASA vehicles or personnel during anything special in that area of Maryland. At the same time he pressed me for what I was investigating. Without giving details any more specific then in my first article, I told him the story behind my visit. He was polite, but the Philadelphia Experiment just wasnít an area of interest for him. I thanked him for his help and went back out to see what NASA was up to.

It didnít surprise me at all to see that NASA had left town. The unmarked vans and RV were gone, but they were replaced by something even stranger.

While still in Maryland I received an email as a result of my first article. It came from a man who had viewed my videos on the Philadelphia Experiment and actually visited the Montauk Base as a result. Jim lived in Maryland and noticed the presence of an unmarked plane while visiting his motherís house. Although he didnít know it, his mom didnít live far from the new witnesses. The plane caught his eye because it was identical to a spy plane that regularly flies at a very low altitude over the Montauk Facility. Jim saw the plane while walking through the Montauk Base and took some photos. He was also able to photograph the plane near his motherís home.

After showing me some photos he took of the plane, I did see the resemblance. Both planes are likely Beechcrafts of the kind used by various Armed Forces and government agencies for observation or intelligence gathering. Jim said that he visited his motherís home on a regular basis and never noticed the plane before, but since the first sighting it had taken to flying over the area at least two times each day. It was during several of the those flights that he snapped the photos.

I saw the plane on the fourth and last day of my second trip. I was just leaving the house owned by the new witnesses when I saw the aircraft fly almost directly over it! There wasnít time for a photo, but I was certain that I had noticed the engine noise on a couple of previous occasions. I hadnít made the connection because I had just assumed it was one of the many small planes that took off and landed at a small airport nearby.

I hate to stop here because I have more to tell about all this, but that will have to wait for another article. The reason will become obvious when I release the next installment of my comments on this investigation.

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