The Philadelphia Experiment: New Evidence Surfaces Bill Knell

The Philadelphia Experiment is a story that refuses to die. For over sixty years the tale of U.S. Government experiments with invisibility, time travel and mind control have been the crux of what started at the Philadelphia Navy Shipment as a project to demagnetize warships in the early 1940s. Despite denials by the Navy, in-depth investigations by debunkers and a world full of scientists who say it wasnít possible in the 1940ís and still isnít today, a steady flow of new witnesses and evidence seems to support the story.

Ronald Mallett, theoretical physicist and professor at the University of Connecticut, stated in 2001 that recent experiments with light make time travel possible. Those experiments proved that light can be slowed, then returned to its normal speed. Mallett felt that this new information provided positive theoretical implications for time travel theorists. But thatís theoretical and pails in comparison to what the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project may have already accomplished.

Iíve presented hundreds of seminars on the UFO cover-up which includes information that I have about the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project. I also maintain a website with short versions of those stories available to read. Given that, people often contact me when they come across anything related to those topics. Such was the case a few weeks ago when I received a call from a person I will call Virginia, a homeowner from a costal Maryland town. I cannot be more specific until we iron out all of her privacy concerns.

Virginia retired last year and purchased a home near the Maryland Coast. The house she bought was 85 years old and needed some major repairs. Virginia and her husband planned to spend about three months preparing the home for their use. Most of the needed repairs involved an interior facelift. A small room with an old desk and empty file cabinets on the second floor of the two story home was slated to become a part of a larger room next to it with the removal of a wall. Some old suitcases, empty packing crates and other debris had been left in there as well.

With contractor work scheduled to begin within a few days, Virginia, her husband and two friends went to work removing everything from the small room. They moved the desk and file cabinets out first, then began bundling up the old suitcases and various pieces of debris left in the corners of the small room. While the four worked, Virginia began to feel a bit sick to her stomach. Her husband and friends complained of similar feelings over the next few moments. Before any of them had time to consider theyíre sudden, unexplained illness, an odd green mist filled one corner of the room.

As all present were focused on the green mist, they could see a human form taking shape. It looked like a man dressed in what all agreed later was a sailorís white uniform. It did not appear to be a modern uniform, but one that might have been worn fifty or sixty years ago. None were familiar with Naval Uniforms, but the group came to this conclusion after viewing photos of U.S. Sailors from the 1940Ďs. Within seconds, the man became solid and started to move a bit. Virginiaís husband had been an electrician for years before he retired and noted that he smelled the odor of over-heated circuitry in conjunction with the SailorĎs appearing.

Before anyone could say or do anything, the sailor looked at the group and said, ď2005. Watch out for 2005! Theyíre playing with your future!Ē After that, the Sailor faded into the wall and the green mist dissipated in less then ten seconds. All agreed later that they had heard his voice and everyone heard the same thing. They described the Sailorís voice as deep and full, but sounding a bit muffled.

For at least an hour after the event the group talked about what had happened. Each described what they had felt happened and it was obvious that they had all seen and heard the same thing. The four felt as though they wanted to get out of that house, but none could bring themselves to leave the small room. Suppose the Sailor came back? Virginia brought some sandwiches up to the room while the others stayed to keep watch, but nothing further happened. They completed the work on the room and ended the day by agreeing not to speak to anyone about the event until they could meet in a few days to discuss it again.

The incident with the Sailor occurred on February 12, 2004. Virginia, her husband and their two friends got together a few days after it to discuss what should be done. Virginia and her husband had gone back and carefully examined the area in the small room where the Sailor had appeared. There was no physical evidence that they could see to indicate anything strange had happened. After reporting this to her friends, Virginia indicated that she had spent some time online to see if this had happened to anyone else. While digging for information, Virginia came across my website. She and her husband read the articles I had available about the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project, sharing the information with her friends.

As a group, they decided to order the video set I had available on the two subjects before contacting me or anyone else. By the end of March, all had watched the videos and been stunned at the information they contained. According to Virginia, none of these people had any particular interest in or feelings about paranormal topics prior to the strange event involving the Sailor. But all agreed the incident had happened and none could find a logical explanation for it. At that point, the group decided to contact me.

After speaking with Virginia, I made arrangements to visit these people and examine the room for myself. I was able to spend three days in the area and spoke with each person in-depth during that time. Although I found no physical evidence to support their story beyond the existence of the room and the way they said it looked, I was impressed by their individual accounts. None of these people seemed willing to add or subtract from what they claimed happened and all their accounts matched up perfectly.

Although I am only in the first stages of investigating this event, I honestly believe that these people had related a true account to me of an actual event they experienced. I have no idea and cannot even speculate if the appearance of the Sailor was connected in any way to The Philadelphia Experiment or Montauk Project, but I do feel that the Sailor was probably not a ghost, random vision or an image from the past being played back in the present. This seemed to be a purposeful visit.

My concern is whether or not the warning about 2005 was directed at these individuals or to people in general. None of the group involved had knowledge of any relatives or close friends who may have served in the Navy in the present or recent past. All agreed to speak with their families to find out if there is such a connection, but none wanted to share their experience with relatives or other friends at this point.

This event could turn out to be a very important one if the message from the Sailor was directed to more then just the group involved. That is the nature of the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project. The Government seems to know what such cryptic messages mean, but we are left to speculate or live with the consequences. Had I understood what Al Bielek and Preston Nichols related to me in the late 1980ís, I would have done everything possible to warn people about 9/11. But I didnít understand it and neither did they. All we had was their account of traveling to a future point in New York City and viewing the aftermath of a terrific disaster.

Itís fortunate that I captured the conversation with Preston and Al on video, or I would look back and wonder if I could have derived more from what they said and have done something to warn people. But Iíve watched the video many times and see that while the description was perfect, no specific date was available. Remember, they were seeing the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks without any knowledge of who caused them or when.

If the message from the Sailor is a warning to all of us and the U.S. Government knows the nature of the threat, I hope they will take action or prepare us for the worst. Given what has happened to date, I do not see this happening.

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