Blue Beam: The Extra-Terrestrial Invasion That Isnít Bill Knell

I like to think that I am a well-informed person. It drives me crazy to be out of the loop when it comes to information I feel is important. Despite my best efforts, I know that there will always be surprises. One of those came along when I was in high school. The source was a casual acquaintance named Joe.

During my last two years of high school, the powers that be came up with yet another social experiment that managed to drive everyone crazy. It was Modular Scheduling, an educational system designed to save the school district time and money. Mod scheduling meant that I could go to a class when school began at around eight thirty in the morning, and not have another class for another two hours or more. It drove everyone crazy. What were we supposed to do with all that time? You could only study for so long before sinking into academic apathy.

The two places that became safe havens for the modularly challenged were the Library and the Lunchroom. Students quickly wore out their welcome in the Library and the Lunchroom started constantly running out of snack foods, soda and juices. As a result, certain classrooms were designated for wayward students waiting for their next class. One of those classrooms was the same I used for our after-school UFO Club. That became my hangout. I enjoyed giving many impromptu talks during those dark days of Mod. We also had a pile of donated UFO and paranormal books available for anyone to read.

Joe came into our classroom home away from normal school during long Mod breaks. He was the son of a talented and successful electronics engineer. He was also extremely bright and very skeptical. His presence made interesting conversation to say the least. On one occasion, he brought a small box into the classroom. It seemed to me made of wood, metal, lots of glass and some electronic parts. He was eager to show it to me and I was just as curious.

He told me it was a Hologram. I had never heard of it. Despite the fact that Electricity and Electronics was my favorite shop class and I read most of the magazines on those subjects, I was baffled. Joe plugged an electric cord into an outlet and pointed toward a tiny area in the center of the glass. A small image began to appear. It was a 3-D image of a photo taken in front of the school. Everyone present looked at it and it really freaked us all out. It was 1973 and no one was talking much about holograms. Although I am certain it was only the representation of what a hologram would look like, it was still very impressive for the time.

Although Joe tried explaining the technology to us in the most annoying manner possible, Iíll admit it was beyond my understanding at the time. He was always a bit stuck up and thought himself to be more intelligent than everyone else. Joe was bright, but most of what he knew came from his father. Joe Sr. worked on all kinds of electronic engineering projects including government contracts. Looking back, I wonder if what Joe showed us was some kind of early CCD technology designed to create the impression of a holographic image. If it was the real thing, that confirms my belief that the technology used by our government is decades ahead of what we see in use on the normal industrial and consumer level.

The hologram thing stuck in my mind and I tried finding out more information about it in various libraries. After coming up blank, I headed to my own version of Mister Wizard. He was a local college student named Terry that worked at a nearby Radio Shack. He worked there during summer and holiday breaks from college and managed to spend much of what he earned buying and building every electronics kit they sold.

Terry really got my interest in electronics going. We met when he was a part-time teaching assistant in my electricity class. Thanks to a common interest in gadgets, we developed a friendship and he encouraged me to take Electricity and Electronics Shop at school. When I asked Terry about Holograms, he started rattling off a bunch of tech talk about 3-D TV and virtual reality technology platforms. Thanks to him, I finally figured out what a hologram was and why so many people wanted to perfect that technology. The uses seemed unlimited.

Fast forward to the present. Although the 3-D TV concept never really took hold and I have not seen real holograms in general use anywhere yet, there are plenty of technologies that mimic that technology in terms of futuristic games and flight simulators. We havenít seen actual holographic technology developed for everyday use because of the complex computations, processing speed and power required to accomplish it. There was a time when digital audio and video recordings also seemed to be out of reach.

Iíve illustrated how the government is at least one hundred years ahead of the technology that people use in their home by presenting the evidence in my seminars. Everything from photos of cats bred with rabbits, to a modern phone sitting on a table in the White House Telephone Switchboard Room of the late 1800s. These were not illustrations or fake photos; these were and remain the real deal.

I wanted to prove to people that our government uses alien technology combined with our own to achieve almost unimaginable results. Time travel, hyperspace portals, mind control and genetic manipulation are good examples. Imagine a time when you can pick out a pet made from almost any mix of creatures; specify the look and even the sex. That time may not be far off. Imagine a future where escorted time travel will be possible for those willing to pay for it.

Apart from all the ethical questions about such technologies, a more important point is that our government isnít interested in designer pets or field trips to ancient Rome. Fearful that other nations would eventually be able to duplicate these technologies, our government probably felt compelled to act first and use the technology to stop others from successfully developing it.

Itís the same old argument of the good guys wanting to keep such things out of the hands of the bad guys. The problem is that absolute power still corrupts absolutely. Even if all their motives were pure, at what point are we forced to do bad to preserve good? I think we have reached and passed that point long ago. The development of these technologies is about controlling people, not safeguarding them. The truth is that we all have become the unwitting servants of an elite ruling class that feel themselves better than the rest.

There isnít much need to prattle on about secret societies bent on world domination because our own government has become a billionaires club where a few carefully placed lawmakers control everything. While exploiting the political differences between party platforms so that we all end up at each otherís throats, power brokers from both major parties unite to whittle away at the few rights that remain ours. Political spokespeople and pundits spend all day fueling the flames of ideological differences on television, radio and the internet. The only thing they donít tell you is that no matter which side you choose, you lose.

Control comes through fear. Things like crazed drug dealers, AIDS, mad cow disease, killer viruses, master criminals and terrorist plots are all used to make sure we yield our rights to the government in the name of safety. In addition, who feels safe anyway? Itís not a conspiracy theory any more, itís real life. Just try saying or doing anything that doesnít pass the litmus test of government sponsored political correctness and see how fast you are shut down.

Novelists have long played with the idea of fake government emergencies and dark conspiracies played out with the help of carefully placed insiders and futuristic technology to accomplish a coup. John Frankenheimerís 1964 film, Seven days in May, proposed a plot against the president carried out by highly placed military leaders using a new communications technology.

"I"m suggesting Mr. President, there"s a military plot to take over the Government of these United States, next Sunday..." The film even played up the remaining fears left over from World War II of a sneak attack on a quiet Sunday. The plot wasnít that far-fetched given the development of computer controlled communication and defensive systems underway at the time the film was released. This was Frankenheimerís second political thriller in two years. His first was The Manchurian Candidate released in 1962.

The Manchurian Candidate projected a chilling scenario. Communist Chinese Agents brainwashed American Soldiers while in captivity. Once released, they became sleepers. Set to be used by Communist Agents already in place, these people could be activated at any time and given commands to commit murder, sabotage or any act that served their masters.

The idea came from the actual use of re-education camps and brainwashing techniques developed by the communists and used on their own people. During the Korean War, the same methods were used on captured American Soldiers with some success. Fed a daily diet of repetitive, spurious facts and given the impression that they were abandoned by their fellow Countrymen; some simply gave in and became propaganda tool for the enemy.

The problem with conventional re-education and brainwashing is that is takes too long and isnít always successful. If it were backed up by what appeared to be real time events and invasive mind control technology, the results could be astounding and frightening. If the technology existed to accomplish such a dark task, would it be used? We may soon find out.

The Survivorís of the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project have already warned us about the attempted manipulation of our reality by government operatives. However, a simpler and far less complicated method of control may now be available to them through holographic technology... Blue Beam. Imagine waking up one morning to find the skies over America filled with Extra-Terrestrial Spacecraft. Government warnings are broadcast over the emergency alert system and weíre all told to take cover. Despite their advanced technology, the aliens are put in their place by secret aircraft developed and tested without public knowledge for just such an emergency. After a few days or weeks, all is well.

Alien prisoners are paraded on television and official photos of captured or crashed spacecraft are released to the media. Weíre told that the Roswell UFO crash really did occur. The government didnít want anyone to know so that they would have carte blanche to study the creatures and their crafts. The result of those studies is that our ever-vigilant government has saved us all from instant annihilation. Now imagine that none of it is real. Thatís the concept of Blue Beam.

More than just a holographic flimflam, it is also said to be a technology that will compromise remote viewers, psychics, channelers and the mental processes of the general public. That could easily be accomplished with the use of technology already available from The Montauk Project. Montauk Survivors like Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, Stewart Swerdlow and Phil Schneider often spoke of duplicate facilities with identical technology throughout the USA. Anyone planning a nationwide deception like Blue Beam would need those secret bases.

Dr. Michael Wolf, a government insider, often spoke about secret underground facilities dedicated to alien and human cooperative research. Itís possible that the technology needed to execute Blue Beam came about as the result of alien and human cooperation. Why would extra-terrestrials help develop something like that? Because it might be in their best interest.

To be believable, whatever occurs during the blue beam deception would have to be typical of previously reported alien behavior. Does that mean we can expect mass Alien Abductions of humans? If not, UFO researchers might cry foul. And if abductions on such a mass scale did take place, what would happen to the people? Would they be imprisoned as candidates for experimentation like the Montauk Survivors? Perhaps the government would take the opportunity to execute an enemies list and get rid of people that might cause them problems down the line. The aliens might have their own uses for those poor unfortunates.

To make matters worse, some people claim that the blue beam invasion will include a fake Second Coming. Plans are allegedly in the works to have images of Christ, Buddha, Muhammad and other religious figures appear as a giant sky show in the appropriate places around the world. While I am unable to verify this, it certainly would make sense to exploit the available holographic technology to include appealing to the faithful of various religions.

The primary ingredient needed to pull off something like Blue Beam is confidence. Those planning this deception must be very confident of the outcome and that should scare the daylights out of us. If the groundwork is being laid for this project, we must take great care to consider any and all information that comes our way. Paranormal researchers and psychic practitioners can help protect themselves from it by taking the time to investigate and understand the technology created by the Montauk Project. The public can protect themselves by understanding that there are members of the major political parties which represent an elite that feel they are destined to rule over everyone and act accordingly.

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