The Wales Roswell

It’s been many years since an amazing and still unexplained event occurred in North Wales which involved strange lights in the sky, odd tremors, ‘Men In Black’ types sweeping the countryside for information and something that crashed somewhere in the Berwyn mountains. It’s been called the Welsh ‘Roswell’ because just like the event that allegedly occurred in New Mexico, USA, in 1947, the North Wales case may have involved a crashed UFO, dead Aliens and a government cover-up.

The story begins on January 23, 1974, when the villages of Llandrillo and Llandderfel, near Corwen, were shaken by a tremor measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale. Colored lights began to appear in the sky after the tremor. During the next three weeks there was quite a bit of unexplained military activity in the area and people dressed in dark suits began asking locals a lot of questions about the lights, the tremor and anything they might have seen on various dates.

Local First Responders like Firefighter Adrian Roberts experienced the tremor and cover-up first hand. He says he was thrown off a sofa where he was sitting when the tremor hit. Roberts also claims that the military came into the area and declared several areas ‘off limits’ to local authorities and the public alike. Retired North Wales Police Assistant Chief Constable Elfed Roberts was driving to Llandrillo just after the tremor with his superior and claims that they both saw an odd green light in the sky. He also says that the local police were kept away from certain areas after the tremor.

Astronomers and skeptics went out of their way to convince people that a meteor shower coincidently occurred during the tremor that accounted for any strange objects seen in the sky. The lights were explained away as ‘earthquake lights’ which sometime appear after a major quake, although what people were reporting did not correspond to the classic descriptions of those. The ‘Men in Black’ types were explained away as seismologists in the area to research the quake, but none of them made such claims.

Although the recent release of MOD UFO documents didn’t shed any light on what really crashed in the Berwyn mountain range, a new witness has come forward that might be able to help fill in the blanks. Geraint Edwards, of Llandderfel, Denbighshire, is a retired gamekeeper. He recently gave an interview to Channel 5 in the UK and said that he saw a classic “Flying Saucer” hover above the Berwyn mountains for at least ten minutes on February 15, 1974 before it shot up into the sky at “an impossible speed“ (roughly three weeks after all the bizarre activity began).

The interview is part of a Channel 5 (UK) Special about the North Wales events in the UK. During the interview, Edwards told a reporter, "It was definitely a flying saucer. It was a pity I didn"t have a camera because it was there for at least 10 minutes, just hovering… We were on the way down to play darts when something caught our eye in the south-east, so we stopped. It looked like a rugger ball, but the ends of it were more pointy. When it took off, it just went like lightning on the same line as it hovered. I wrote it down in my diary. It was 6.45pm on the Friday night. If we were coming back from the pub, people would be saying, "They"ve had one or two." But we were going TO the pub.”

According to other witnesses which include farmers, local first responders, unidentified whistleblowers, residents and tourists, at least one object and its Alien occupants were recovered by British Forces and taken to the Wiltshire research base Porton Down, a top-secret MOD facility. Local witnesses agree that whatever happened back then, none of them had ever experienced or seen anything like it before.

Recent sightings in Wales and the UK bring back memories of the 1974 event as strange lights and flying discs are again seen in these areas, ridiculous cover stories are offered and the MOD is not anxious to investigate the matters or provide any answers. In fact, several UFO events in the USA include elements of both the 1974 and more recent UK UFO sightings and encounters.

Over the past few years, UFOs have been seen in conjunction with loud explosions, minor earth quakes and unexplained military activity in Texas, Indiana, Illinois, Arizona, New Jersey and Massachusetts in the USA. Strange spherical objects and debris have been recovered, military jets have been observed chasing UFOs and witnesses have been threatened by the authorities.

Short Video about the Wales UFO Crash (3:35 minutes)

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