When Ghosts Attack, Part Two ...by Bill Knell

My next major experience with aggressive ghostly activity took place in Florida. I was in the Orlando area during the mid-1990s when a friend that went to high school with me years before called to ask if I was going to attend a twenty year reunion. We got together and started hanging out. Because I hadnít lived in Florida for a while, Johnny and I barely saw each other over the past decade. We had been close friends in school and were glad to renew our friendship.

Both of us were now married and had children. Johnny loved to watch sports and it was tough to go anywhere with him that didnít involve a stadium. Fortunately, he also enjoyed billiards, bowling and movies which were more to my liking. My wife and I joined Johnny and his wife for many enjoyable evenings at billiards, going to the movies and visiting each at home.

I was busy working with the promotion of several films I have been involved with during that time. Once that settled down, we started going bowling and playing billiards. During that time, Johnny asked if I would speak with his sister. I met her on previous occasions and knew that she had some issues with various ex-boyfriends. Johnny thought that Stacy was bi-polar, but she always seemed to get a clean bill of health from mental health practitioners.

Stacy was doing fine until she hit her junior year in high school. Then she went boy crazy. She always had several boyfriends taking her out, all at the same time. This created lots of confrontations and problems for her family. Johnny stayed clear of the mess because Stacy was always able to take care of herself. She was a kind of pretty tom boy that loved to beat up on her boyfriends if they said or did something she didnít like.

Johnny wanted me to talk with Stacy because she began telling him about strange phenomenon she was experiencing. She lived in a small, one bedroom condo on the first floor in Kissimmee. When Johnny and I dropped by to see her, it was like a reunion. Stacy was acting like her usual self and nothing seemed strange. She did say that she would wake up and find things moved around, but I assumed that was due to her revolving door-style love life with new people coming and going all the time. She also mentioned hearing strange noises and voices, but I noticed that the walls were not especially thick in her condo.

Nothing Stacy told me during that first meeting gave me the impression that anything paranormal was happening in her life. Johnny laughed and said, ďLetís come back next week.Ē I agreed and we returned the following week to find a very disturbing situation. Johnny rang the bell to her condo and Stacy answered. I could hardly believe my eyes.

Stacyís condo was a mess. Things were thrown everywhere and Stacy looked like she had been in a fight. Johnny told me that this happened at least once a week and had been happening every since high school. I was mystified, but tended to believe she was suffering from some psychological disorder.

Johnny didnít say much about Stacyís situation prior to the mess we walked into. I assume that he wanted me to see it for myself. He wasnít a big believer in paranormal phenomenon, but was aware of some of the ghost cases I worked on during my high school days. He knew something was happening with Stacy and had exhausted most of the conventional explanations.

I questioned Stacy about the change she experienced in high school. She told me that it was like waking up one day and finding yourself sharing a body with someone else. I knew that adolescents and teens always seemed particularly vulnerable to ghostly phenomenon and some believe they might actually be a causative factor in the whole thing.

Stacy was always a kind of tomboy, but her new added personality was far more aggressive than she was. It made her feel out of control and came on without warning. Most of what she experienced would be more easily explained from a mental health standpoint, but she had been for all kinds of physical and mental examinations without any specific finding. There were some supernatural aspects.

Johnny was occasionally absent minded. He would misplace things. On the night that he was set to ask his wife to marry him, he misplaced his car keys. He wasnít living at home, but had a friend drop him by his parentís house to see if they had a spare set. He had given his parents a spare set to hold for him. Unfortunately, they were out for the evening and couldnít be reached. Stacy was still living at home and came to the rescue.

Stacy walked into the house while Johnny was there and seeing he was upset, asked what was wrong. He told her about the keys and she tried to help him find the spare set. The spare keys couldnít be located. Stacy developed a headache and went to her room to lie down. While Johnny was still trying to locate the spare keys, Stacy suddenly reappeared in the living room and started yelling at him.

She cursed at Johnny and told him he was an idiot. After a stream of verbal abuse, she suggested that he go back home and check his bathroom floor for the keys. He got a ride home and found his keys on the bathroom floor. On another occasion, he misplaced his wallet. Because he had been to Stacyís condo earlier that evening, he stopped by to see if it was there.

As before, Stacy began suddenly angry and told him that he should look for his wallet at a nearby restaurant. Johnny and his wife went to the eatery earlier that evening, but Stacy didnít know that. When he went to the restaurant and asked about the wallet, the manager said it had been found and turned it over to Johnny.

All of these events could be conventionally explained, but there were some other stories involving Stacy that were a bit harder to ignore. I knew two of her former boyfriends through Johnny. When we talked to them, both admitted to witnessing unexplained phenomenon involving her. One said that she caused him to feel a sensation like scratching on his back when she was sitting across the room. Another said he felt as if he had been kicked in the back of his leg on several occasions while over her place when Stacy wasnít close enough to make contact with him.

After we left Stacyís condo, Johnny admitted that he had experienced some of the same mild attacks that her former boyfriends did. He had been kicked and even hit on the arm when Stacy was around without any physical contact with her. He hadnít told me before because he wanted me to speak with her and the boyfriends first. The most recent incident took place just a few weeks before.

I asked Johnny if he saw Stacy throwing things around her room when she lived at home or her condo. He said that she was always quiet in her room. The only time she became aggressive was when people were around. Some of her girl friends from high school that Johnny knew recalled being on the receiving end of her tirades. None that I met admitted any physical phenomenon, but I sense that at least two were not telling the entire story.

Needless to say, Stacy lost any close female friends she had in her junior year of high school and didnít have any close friends when I visited her. Men seemed more able to deal with her problems than women, and most of those that got involved with her didnít stay involved for very long. This all surprised me because the Stacy I met seemed very nice and well behaved up to that point.

On a later visit to Stacy, I experienced my own phenomenon. Stacy became agitated, although she did not seem at all abusive or angry to me. She was upset and couldnít explain why. After talking with her and Johnny for about thirty minutes, I felt several slight pinches on both my arms. These were distinct and made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I was sitting on a chair away from Stacy and Johnny at the time and no marks were left on either arm. Johnny later told me that he felt something was trying to push him out of his chair as he was getting up when it was time for us to leave.

The next time we went to see Stacy; she had some weird marks on her neck. With extremely fair skin, the marks were obvious to me and I noticed them right away. When I asked Stacy about them, she said that she couldnít account for them. While I still felt that at least some of her behavior might best be explained from a mental health standpoint, there was no doubt that at least some paranormal activity was involved in her life.

I called a Spiritualist Medium that I knew in Cassadaga, Florida. Cassadaga is a town founded by Spiritualists that isnít far from Orlando. She suggested that Stacy come there and meet with her. Although I wasnít able to go with them, Johnny and Stacy did visit the medium. She felt that a physical confrontation with a Relative years before might have been the reason for her present trouble.

Stacy had a cousin named Erin. As children, they attended the same elementary school for several years. Although the families were close, the two girls never got along. Stacy disliked Erin because she felt that her cousin always got more attention than she did during family gatherings. As a result, Stacy constantly taunted Erin at school. Things came to a head and the two ended up in a fight.

Erin was badly beaten by Stacy and needed a number of stitches. Erinís parents decided to place her in another nearby school to keep the two apart. The incident placed a huge strain on the entire family and Stacy wasnít allowed contact with any of her friends for several months. Erin was extremely unhappy in her new school and never forgave Stacy.

While Stacy was in her junior year of High School, Erin was killed in an auto accident. It was at that point that Stacy began having problems. Neither Johnny nor Stacy ever considered this coincidence to be the cause of her problems, but the medium saw Erin around Stacy during their session. Iím not even sure if the medium believed that was all there was to it, but after that session things quieted down.

Stacy offered a profound apology to Erin and visited her grave with flowers on several occasions after the visit to the medium. I visited Stacy a couple of more times until I moved out of the Orlando area and found no further problems apart from her still somewhat bizarre personality quarks. Although Johnny passed away a couple of years ago due to illness, we stayed in touch until his death. He told me that Stacy was doing better and that there had been no paranormal activity in her life since the visit to the medium.

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