Dr Michael Wolf and The Gateway Treatment

It’s impossible to define or even try and explain the late Dr. Michael Wolf. I knew this less than five minutes after I first spoke with him on the phone over twenty years ago. If I had to define Wolf in one statement, I would say that he was one of the most well-connected U.S. Government Insiders that I ever met.

My association with Wolf began after my friend and fellow paranormal researcher, Dick Criswell, told me about him and offered an introduction by phone in the late 1980s. Although I was initially skeptical of Wolf’s claims regarding UFOs and his government insider status, those concerns vanished after our first conversation. I found him to be intelligent, knowledgeable and easily able to answer most any question that I threw his way.

If anything about Wolf frustrated me, it was trying to understand exactly what he did for the government. As the son of a retired Air Force Officer, I knew people that worked on the shady side of the government tree. These weren’t black-ops types, but Something Else. Wolf easily qualified as Something Else. Trying to decode who he was and what he did for the government is like trying to explain the modern British Monarchy to someone who hasn’t studied English History. It’s there and it works, but no one knows how or why.

Michael Wolf had the ability to put you at ease. A phone conversation with him was always enjoyable and never boring. After a number long distance calls, I resigned myself to the fact that obtaining and understanding the information he offered was far more important than understanding him or where his information came from. That was something that tended to stop most UFO Researchers right in their tracks if they had a chance to speak with him. I wasn’t going to let it stop me. As long as I could find other ways to verify his information, I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

My biggest concern as a researcher was passing on disinformation to the public. There were enough alleged UFO Researchers out there doing that already. With Wolf’s permission, I recorded our calls and carefully dissected everything he told me as time permitted. Not being one for small talk, Wolf tended to compress what he said and present volumes of information every time we spoke. One of the most interesting things he told me about was JFK‘s UFO Sighting.

Wolf’s late wife, Sara, was related to the Kennedy’s. As a result, the couple occasionally stayed at the Kennedy Compound which covered six acres of waterfront property along Nantucket Sound in Massachusetts. During one of these visits, JFK and others on his boat (including Mrs. Wolf) saw a classic disc-shaped UFO which threw his Secret Service detail into a tizzy. Michael was in bed at the time with a cold or the flu. Although Kennedy asked his guests not to talk about the incident, Sara told Wolf about it as soon as she got back to the house.

I was told the Kennedy UFO story in the early 1990s. Knowing it wouldn’t be easy to verify, I contacted a family friend. Her name is Beth Monahan. Beth and I attended the same School from Kindergarten to 6th Grade. Her parents and mine were close friends and we lived just a few blocks from each other in those days. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and she has proved to be an invaluable source of information when it comes to matters involving the Government.

Beth is an expert researcher on almost any subject, but her specialty is getting the goods on things that happen inside the U.S. Government. When it came to obtaining information about the Kennedy UFO Sighting, I really lucked out. Beth actually worked for Pierre Salinger, the former Kennedy White House Press Secretary, a few times over the years. I asked her if she might provide me with a way to contact him. I didn’t want to place her in the delicate position of asking about the Kennedy UFO sighting.

Beth managed a mailing address for Salinger, so I wrote him a short, but very specific letter asking about the JFK UFO incident. Sometime later I received a reply which surprised me. Salinger wrote back and said that he was aware of the story, but had never actually had time to discuss it with the late President before he was assassinated. It was a polite way of saying he knew about it, but had no way to verify it. Plausible denial at its best!

Salinger indicated that even if it were true, that wasn’t the kind of information that would have been made public if Kennedy had lived to serve out his term. He concluded by asking me how I knew Dr Wolf. I wrote back, answered his question and wondered if he knew anyone within the Kennedy Family that had personally discussed the sighting with JFK or had any knowledge about it. I received a polite, but very brief reply indicating that he had no more information about the matter in question and would not be able to obtain any. He suggested I go back to Wolf if I wanted more information. That situation, alone, easily represents the enigma that is Dr Michael Wolf.

As part of his work with the Government, Dr. Wolf pioneered an amazing mental technique known as THE GATEWAY TREATMENT. This technique had two purposes:

In Wolf’s own words: "It opens up the brain. Gateway is a way to stimulate the neurons allowing billions of synapses to form and, therefore, allows the person that masters it to have use of a vastly increased mind." To telepathically communicate with and summon positive Alien Entities.

As a person who prefers proof to proxy, I can say that listening to Wolf teach the gateway Treatment is one of the most amazing things that I have ever experienced. Not only does he teach it well and make it a snap to learn, but the difference in your ability to think, remember things and process information is almost instant.

Thanks to Dick Criswell, we have a perfect copy of Dr Wolf’s Gateway Method on Audio CD. Prior to his death, this was a method reserved for a few very close and trusted friends and government insiders that used it with special permission. If you listen to Wolf teaching Gateway, you will quickly understand why. Visit wolf.UFOguy.com for more about Dr Michael Wolf and the Gateway Treatment. Gateway is now available on two audio CDs which can be ordered online.

Dr Wolf worked with the late Carl Sagan, served as a Scientific Consultant to Presidents, was a member of the Satellite Government, helped develop Zero Point Energy, served in the Air Force and was a member of the Alphacom Team. This was the amazing life of the late Dr Michael Wolf who continues to inspire, inform and teach us.

An interview with Dr Wolf

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