The Mystery Sphere Bill Knell

It first appeared on Google Maps in a satellite photo and looked like a white sphere that appeared to be vibrating as it passed over Magnolia Park, Florida in 2005. The pearl-like object hovered at around 20,000 feet. Fast forward to April 25, 2008. Just around the time when strange lights were being seen in the skies over Indiana, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Arizona, they appeared over Decatur, Alabama.

TV Stations in nearby Huntsville, Alabama, reported that people were seeing lights in the sky over Decatur on April 25th around 11pm. A number of calls were received by emergency services and one witness, 17 year old Codey Terry (a student at Bob Jones High School in Madison) reported a frightening encounter. She described two bluish-white lights that suddenly appeared in front of her windshield while she was driving past the courthouse and on to Central Parkway in Decatur just after 11pm.

Codey said that the two bright lights looked like airplane lights. She thought that an aircraft making an emergency landing and was headed straight for her vehicle. Codey slammed on the brakes causing her car to spin around. After regaining her composure, she got out to see what was happening and found the strange lights hovering in mid-air. At that point, what appeared to be two lights became one extremely bright circle of blinding light. No one else was on the road at that time.

Barely able to watch the object as it hovered due to the brightness, she saw it suddenly start moving very fast toward the ground some distance away. There were never any sounds coming from the object while it was in the air and none as it made contact with the ground. During this time she was on the phone with her mom and described the entire event. Then, a strange situation got even stranger.

Fire trucks, other emergency vehicles and helicopters appeared out of nowhere and headed toward the area where the object hit the ground. Codey drove to her friend’s house. While she was explaining what happened, more helicopters appeared in the sky. Codey and her friend Zack decided to follow them and see what was happening.

They arrived at a location called the Aquadome, a recreational center with a swimming pool, play ground and basketball courts. It’s right next store to Brookhaven Middle School. Codey and Zack were able to get within fifteen feet of where a Med Fly helicopter from nearby Huntsville, Alabama, had set down.

Decatur Police vehicles arrived and got between them and the helicopter. Decatur Fire Department trucks also arrived. One parked near the helicopter, while the others drove around in a circle as if they were closing off the area. What appeared to be black, military helicopters circling overhead. All this took place in the Aquadome’s parking lot.

Codey and her friend watched as emergency personnel loaded what looked like a giant pearl, a white shiny sphere, on to a stretcher. The personnel that dealt with the object were dressed in some sort of white, hazardous materials suits and seemed to be dusting off the sphere. After covering it with sheets that held the object tightly on the stretcher, they loaded it into an ambulance that pulled up near the helicopter and drove away.

A local news reporter and a woman were also on the scene when all this happened, both tried asking those present about what was happened, but were told nothing. The ambulance left around 11:40 and headed toward Huntsville accompanied by the fire trucks even though they were based in Decatur.

The Huntsville area is home to the Redstone Army Arsenal and a number of other military and government facilities including the U.S. Army Space and Military Defense Command and NASA‘s Marshall Space Flight Center. It’s entirely possible that this object could have been some sort of a secret project. I asked someone in the know about it.

Jim Knowles is a retired electronics engineer that worked on a number of government projects over the years through various government contractors. After describing the events that occurred in Decatur to him, Jim said, “I have no personal knowledge of any type of vehicle, or something that might be a part of a government project, which comes close to what you described to me. I can‘t imagine any technology currently available to the government which might explain what was seen or recovered in Decatur.”

Once again strange lights filled the skies over America. Once again the military responded quickly with aircraft. Once again the public was involved, but was told little or nothing about what happened. Once again the news media seemed fine with allowing the whole thing to be swept under the rug. Once again the advantage of having a press free to report the truth was no advantage at all.

Note: Mystery spheres are nothing new. Note this article from the 1970s...

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