Problem Plane:The Boeing 737 Max 8

There is an ugly truth out there that no one wants to face. Technology is taking over the Aircraft Industry and related fields. Planes are designed on computers, filled with automation and new improvements. Computers tend to allow people to work on designs for longer hours. While computers may not make mistakes, people do. These mistakes are not always caught by machines or people.

Many U.S. airports and tracking systems are ill-equipped to deal with new and updated technology. They use technology that often is thirty to fifty years old. Even with updates and improvements these systems are old at their base. In less developed nations the problem is even worse. Those using new or updated technologies in aircrafts and tracking systems may not have been properly trained to do so or had enough time to practice using it because limited simulators are available.

Finally, the skies might just be too crowded. Hoping that overworked personnel, limited and outdated systems will handle the ever growing load of air traffic is like watching someone standing in the middle of a freeway hoping they will not get hit by a car. They will dodge some vehicles, but eventually get run down. There is no single answer to these problems. They should all be addressed individually instead of being ignored.

The crash of two Boeing 737 Max 8 jets within a few months of each other and pilot complaints about the aircraft have caused the USA, UK and a growing list of nations to ban their use. If you plan to travel by air double check flights, reservations, connections and make sure these bans affect you as little as possible. All the checks in place during the design and manufacturing processes at Boeing make it hard to believe that isn't a case of gross negligence or sabotage. This could mean economic disaster for Boeing and some Airlines.

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