Job Hunting: Don't Get In Your Own Way! Bill Knell

Learn the simple do's and don'ts of getting a great job and get out of your own way! Why can't you find a good job? There are as many reasons as there are people, but you are probably the number one problem. Let's look at this.

Job-hunting is right up there with painting the house! No one wants to do it. A couple of years ago I met a woman whose child was a friend of one of my kids. When my children told me about her, I couldn't believe it! She had no money, no furniture and had been abandoned by her husband. She was bright and had some office management experience, but lacked the resources needed to get a good job.

I offered to write a simple resume for her and scanned the morning paper. After faxing her resume to a couple of good possibilities, she received a call. I allowed my daughter to watch her child while she went to the interview. She was hired on the spot. Her problem was a simple one. She did not attempt to use the resources that were available to her, allowing her circumstances to dictate her future.

Most people reading this probably have not reached the point that woman did, but you may have problems of your own. It's been my experience that most people lack the assertiveness and attitude needed to get a great job and move up the ladder.

If your mind is telling you, "They'll never hire me," then it may become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you have a thought like that, you are not ready to go job hunting and it's time for some mental house cleaning. Before you go out the door, look carefully at the job opportunity that interests you. Ask yourself, honestly, if you qualify. If so, then decide right at that moment that YOU are the BEST PERSON for THAT JOB! It doesn't matter who you sit next to while you're waiting for your interview. It doesn't matter how many younger good looking or older more experienced people are there, IT'S YOUR JOB and you are going in that office to claim it!

Walk up to the Interviewer with a confident stride. If you act like Oliver asking for another piece of bread, you're out of luck, Chuck! Look the Interviewer straight in the eyes from the moment you enter the room. Flash a totally confident, "Your job is mine too if I want it, Clyde!" smile and get down to business. When they ask you why they should hire you (a totally stupid question that all idiots without personality ask), raise up your shoulders, widen your eyes and say, "I came here because I know I am the only person right for this job. I am money motivated, work hard and am the only person you'll talk to today that will not eventually end up on the register at Kmart!" And, no, I'm not kidding.

Whether they like what you say or hate it, they WILL remember you and that's the secret to getting a job. It's WHOM the Interviewer remembers. Either speak up or the person they'll remember will be the good-looking guy or gal that attracts their fancy. We all hate that fact, but it's probably true. Most Headhunters or so-called Employment Specialists for large corporations were village idiots in another life. They are where they are because it's the one place some boss, stuck with their employment contract or someone's nephew, feels they'll do the least amount of damage.

If you happen to go before someone who is almost intelligent, they will quickly recognize your assertiveness as a plus. Assertive people attract their own, are great at forming positive alliances and tend to be self-starters that find a way to get the job done. Sit up, speak up and be a Winner! Don't converse, command. Speak less, think more. Forget about what they're thinking, YOU do the thinking for them. It's that simple, try it.

As a professional writer Bill accepts various paid writing assignments. Articles on most any topic are his specialty. He is also a non-fiction ghost writer for people who have an idea or story to tell without the skills to create a submittable book manuscript. Sorry, he does not accept term paper or technical writing assignments. Bill can be contacted on FACEBOOK.

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