Personal Fitness: Working Out Means Working With Your Body Instead Of Against It

When it comes to getting a healthy workout, there are many things to consider. Age, health, diet and your fitness level at the time your workout program begins should all be at the top of your list of considerations. Although some people in their seventies work out like people in their twenties, that does not mean they should. As our bodies change, we have to change the way we exercise to accommodate those our age and fitness needs.

People work out to achieve a strong, lean, athletic body, but in most cases they are pursuing that goal in exactly the wrong way. Most of the popular workouts used in fitness centers are based on bodybuilding training designed to build muscles and ‘bulk up’. In other words, those workouts concentrate on maximizing muscle growth, development and trim. They also concentrate on 'breaking down’ your body before your build it up with a daily fitness routine. Even worse, those kinds of work outs require a three to four hour time commitment each day to be really effective.

In order to achieve an athletic body type you have to combine multiple fitness workouts, diet and normal daily exercise. If you go to the gym and work out like a fool for an hour, but then drive your car three or four blocks to your next stop instead of walking, you are losing a valuable and simple exercise which is perfect for helping you to maintain good health. If you get a great work out, then sit down and order the triple meat “heart attack burger” at your local greasy spoon restaurant instead of eating a piece of medium rare meat broiled to perfection with some steamed vegetables or a normal sized salad, you are way off course! But let’s get back to your exercise program.

The best fitness program for people of all ages combines fitness, fat loss and strength training. Each one of these parts adds to the whole when it comes to your personal fitness and overall health. Age does matter and at some point you can substitute one type of training for another. If you are used to doing aerobics, you can and should modify that exercise program over time. You can add dumbell cardio training to keep your muscles trim and help avoid the extra pounds we all put on around the mid section as the aging process kicks in instead of trying to do aerobics until you drop. Another excellent substitute for hard core aerobic training is a program which may include some jogging, rowing, normal bike riding, swimming, power walking or a combination of all of those activities.

Everyone’s body is unique and it is always a mistake to use cookie cutter exercise programs which are designed by a personal trainer based on what they would do to try and get or stay in shape. A more sensible approach would be to get examined by your doctor and have them refer you to a healthy living or fitness counselor who is familiar with your physician’s recommendations for your exercise program. It is always recommended that any fitness program you chose be approved by your personal physician based on the condition of your health at the time you begin. You should also request input about your daily diet from a dietician who can look at your doctor’s examination results and make suggestions.

If you are interested in non-endurance fitness workouts that still promote strength, speed, power and the growth of muscle mass, you might try the very popular Anaerobic exercise programs that many fitness experts embrace. These short-duration exercises usually last from just a few seconds to no more than a couple of minutes. That makes them perfect for people on the go with little time for personal fitness. Another big advantage to using Anaerobic exercise and fitness programs is that they help avoid the problem of muscle fatigue, as well as promoting whole-body metabolic energy expenditure.

As we age strength becomes an issue for many people. A great way to combat loss of strength is by doing simple isometric exercises. These can be done in a sitting or standing position. They help to build up and maintain muscular health. Just like Anaerobic exercises, they do not require a lot of time or even effort to complete. A good example of an isometric exercise is a simple pushing action. You place both your hands on a stable desk or table top, lift up your arms and push down as hard as you can using the palms of your hands and tips of your fingers on the surface of the table for about ten to twenty seconds, completing at least five or six reps. That is a sensible exercise for most any age and sensible is the name of the game when it comes to personal fitness.

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