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MindMed and Other "Psychedelic" Med Stocks

By Doctor Know

MindMed ... Yet another reason to avoid stocks in this age of Marijuana worship. States with dedicated Stoners assumed the feds would follow their lead and legalize this substance. Oops! The same States looked for a Tax Revenue Winfall. Oops again... Banks have failed to finance the stuff or allow the use of their credit cards to pay for it. That, in turn, created an underground and illegal business model where Taxes are anything but a high priority. Then there is the high cost of the Stoner Lifestyle for buyers and sellers.

Pot Shops selling the stuff in any form can be shut down anytime. That includes those that accept Medical Marijuana prescriptions. They are not licensed pharmacies. Once again it's the feds verses the states. Guess who always wins?

Buyers often cannot resist the urge to 'share' their Mary Jane with friends or family. In many cases this 'sharing' ends as as a small business transaction. As soon as that occurs (in most cases) a crime has been committed. Kids end up eating pot cookies or cake. That places their parents on the radar of child welfare authorities and rightfully so.

In the end the legal and health issues equal LIABILITY and in business that is a non starter. In my view Marijuana will end up being the modern liability eqivalent to cigarettes.

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