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Water Retention Remedies and Cures
By Debbie O Turner

When dieting or trying to maintain a healthy weight, all of us have experienced fluctuations in our weight. Sometimes a weight gain can be hard to understand and we ask ourselves "why am I gaining weight when I have been eating a healthy diet and doing the correct exercises?" We also all know that to function properly we need to drink at least eight full glasses of water per day. Almost always the answer is water retention.

There are a few reasons that water retention happens in our bodies:

* If we consume too much salt (sodium) either by pouring too much salt onto our food, or eating food with a high salt content, or even drinking pop which has a high sodium content, our bodies will retain water to compensate. Our bodies will automatically 'hold on' to the excess water causing weight gain which is not FAT but the weight of the water retained.
* Too much salt in our bodies will also cause high blood pressure, and the resulting water retention is also dangerous for one's heart, especially in the obese, as water retention can lead to swollen ankles and kidney problems.
* In the Western diet most adults in the UK and the USA are carrying as much as 5 pounds of extra water, as their diet is so high in salt.
* When we decide to go on a diet, the opposite happens, and because the dieter changes his or her eating habits, less sodium is consumed, and the kidneys can finally function properly and flush out the extra water. This often leads us to believe that the quick weight loss that we are experiencing is FAT LOSS but what it actually is, is just the extra water.
* Standing too long without moving around can cause a 'pool' of water to collect in the ankles and feet, causing swelling and water retention.
* Pre - Menstrual Syndrome also causes water retention and gives women the feeling of being 'bloated'. Before menstruation the blood breaks down progesterone causing the kidneys to retain water. The same happens in pregnancy.
* Oedema and bloating also occurs in menopausal women because of hormonal changes and fluctuations.
* Side effects of some medications, especially cortisone related drugs cause water retention.

There are also many illnesses which can cause the body to retain water, some of which are:

* Thyroid disease
* Arthritis (swelling joints)
* Liver Disease
* Varicose Veins
* Kidney disease

The GOOD NEWS is that there are many ways that one can combat fluid retention:-

* It is a good idea to have blood tests to determine if your body is deficient in certain vitamins such as Potassium which regulates how the flow of fluids in one's body works.
* Some diuretics do help, one of them being Uva Ursi Ext (ask your pharmacist). Be careful, and check ingredients of over the counter diuretics.
* Extract of dandelion helps with edema, and does not cause a Potassium loss as some diuretics do.
* One mild diuretic is Buchu extract (found at health food stores)
* Horse Chestnut helps overall health and can prevent the retention of fluids.
* Do not consume too much alcohol, this will cause you to be dehydrated and then when consuming too much fluid your body will retain it.
* Remember 8 to 10 glasses of water is the correct amount. Consuming too much water is dangerous and it can dilute the electrolytes in our blood.
* Do not abuse laxative (by taking too many) as your body will swing between being dehydrated and edema.
* The puffiness of edema with people with eating disorders, makes them think that it is from weight gain, when it is merely water retention.
* Move your ankles and feet all the time, and elevate your legs if you have to stand all day.
* Skip the junk food from this day forward!
* Check your Vitamin B6 levels, as a lack of this vital vitamin can cause edema
* A daily dose of a calcium tablet can prevent pre menstrual water retention.

So in general - keep aware of your water levels in your body, check for swollen ankles or puffy fingers. Follow the tips above and you will not retain water and think you have gained weight! The best thing for your body is to keep a healthy weight and follow a healthy diet which contains all the nutrients and minerals you need.

Congratulations on taking the first few steps on losing some weight and getting rid of that excess fat and water. You should take a look at the top recommended diet, which will help you not only end water retention, but you will lose weight AND fat. We have reviewed the diet here [] for a lot more information on the subject!

As a professional writer Bill accepts various paid writing assignments. Articles on most any topic are his specialty. He is also a non-fiction ghost writer for people who have an idea or story to tell without the skills to create a submittable book manuscript. Sorry, he does not accept term paper or technical writing assignments. Bill can be contacted on FACEBOOK.


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