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When It Comes To Trump The Donald’s Desk May Tell The Tale Bill Knell

Every so often TV reports about Donald Trump feature a look inside his lavish apartment, the interior of his huge his jet and his personal office. Since I am not an interior design critic I will spare you my thoughts on his taste in furnishings or love for gold. As someone who has spent most of my life working for myself I was more interested in the desk in his office. Each time we get a peek at that desk it is covered with binders and stacks of paperwork. Given the way these items are arranged I can tell you that I doubt they were placed there just to impress people with his work ethic. We already know he has lost wives to his first love which seems to be his business because he has admitted as much.

A look at The Donald’s Desk sends a message to me. Even when I helped my wife with her small business in the mid 2000s her desk was covered with all sorts of folders and paperwork despite the fact that most of what she did was online and involved using our PC or a phone. It is obvious that Trump is a man who not only enjoys his work and seems to be good at it, but also gets things down. Compare his desk with the sparse and very neat desk that sits in the oval office of the White House being used by the current chief executive of the our nation.

Donald Trump obviously likes the sport of Golf. He is heavily invested in it and even takes some time off from his business to play on some of the courses he owns. What he does not appear to do is allow his business to suffer, or fail to accomplish any tasks he assigns himself each day in order to go and play a few rounds. Our current president has often been criticized for substituting a round of golf or relatively unimportant errands for dealing with important matters of state or even attending the funerals of well known dignitaries who most people would believe deserve a final tribute in the form of having a man occupying the highest office in the USA present as they are remembered or laid to rest.

During these days when many people are trying to decide if Donald Trump is presidential enough to occupy the oval office it might be prudent to consider the The Donald’s Desk before we worry too much about his off the cuff statements or New York style attitude. That desk looks like one owned and used by a man who has a passion to get things done. If the things he would accomplish as president actually include what he says he will do in terms of bringing back jobs to America, delivering the average citizen from the burden of over-taxation and restoring the USA as an example of the greatest nation on Earth, then we can believe that Trump has the tools and desire to deliver what he has promised.

The Donald’s Desk and his business portfolio tell the tale of a man who is willing to take risks, but only after he has carefully counted the costs involved in any deal. For better or worse, this is the way that Trump operates whether he succeeds or fails in any particular deal. Most presidents look at polls and public opinion before they make a move because they are not just responsible for their own successes or failures; they also represent their political party, those in congress associated with that party and the special interest groups that support them all. Trump has more successes than failures and if we are to take him at his word his first concern with be what effect the things he does has on the American People. That would be a welcome departure from the way business is currently conducted in Washington, D.C.


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