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Seven Ways To A Better Body

1. Follow the Law of Three Ingredients

Every workout has three ingredients that need to be included and properly balanced: Intensity, Weight and Volume. By alternating the amount of time you spend on each and mixing it up you encourage your body to grow in strength and endurance, instead of just adjusting itself to your workout routine. You can accomplish this by changing the number of reps you do, increasing or decreasing the weights you work with and changing the speed at which you work out.

and 2. Include The Most-Hated and Feared Pull-Ups

and No one likes doing pull-ups. They can be especially difficult and tiresome for exercise newbies and sometimes offer a challenge to women who have not previously made them a part of their workout. Despite their bad reputation, pull-ups strengthen the biceps, back and shoulders. Try to get in at least ten per workout for maximum effectiveness. Don’t overdo it because you need to keep your workout well balanced.

3. Rowing Machines Need Love Too

Some people hate the very sight of the rowing machine, but rowing works so many muscles and builds endurance so well that you cannot afford to ignore this small wonder. Just ten minutes spent on the rowing machine before strength training exercises can really get your blood flowing to those muscles and joints. If you give it a chance, the rowing machine will do a better job of warming up your body for a workout than a treadmill or even a stationary cycle. The reason is because rowing gets your upper body going, rather then just concentrating on your legs. Rowing is very similar to swimming as far as your body is concerned.

4. Get The Most From A Quick Strength Training and Cardio Circuit

Nothing burns fast faster than a well designed circuit which includes push-ups, the jump rope, and squats. The key is to mix it up by alternating these exercises and during just a minute of each at as high intensity a rate as you can. These kinds of sets build muscle and promote heart health.

5. No Sugary or Fatty Treats For YOU!

We have all done it: given ourselves that “little treat” that we feel we have earned after a particularly intense workout. Well guess what? BAD idea! It gets even worse if you plan on eating what amounts to nothing more than a big fat mouthful of refined carbohydrates. You know them; those chocolates, sugar cereals, honey treats, bakery cookies or fancy breads. Eating anything with sugar or corn syrup in it will cause your body to hold on to the very fat you are trying to get rid of in your exercise plan. And forget about drinking a cup of coffee that tastes more like candy than something brewed at home in your coffee maker.

6. Eat Only As Often As Your Body Needs Energy

Imagine a car owner having perhaps a gallon less than a full tank of gas, but going out of the way to drive to a local gas station just to top that tank off when he or she is not even going anywhere. Sound crazy? That is what people do when they eat for no reason other than the fact that it is breakfast, lunch or dinner time. Eating a sensible meal before you exercise is wise, but over eating is not. Eating all day long just because you get those little hunger twinges is a non-starter for good dietary habits. You might be surprised to know that most hunger twinges are actually your body telling you that you need more fluids, not food! Try drinking some water, black coffee or most any beverage that is not filled with sugar. Power drinks are for football players and pro athletes, not people who work outside of the professional sports world and only work out for thirty minutes to an hour each day.

7. Add More Protein To Your Diet

Your body wants goodies, but what it really needs are complex carbohydrates, protein and a small amount of fat in every meal. Solid protein choices like poultry and low fat yogurt promote good eating habits and provide you with the kind of amino acids you need after a good workout.


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