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How to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Workout

You can look and feel better by making the most of your exercise or workout time. All you really need to get and stay fit is about thirty minutes per day dedicated to a safe and healthy workout. The intensity of your workout depends on your age, state of health and weight considerations. Most fitness experts recommend that a thirty minute workout be as high intensity as possible, but the intensity factor has to be limited by your ability to perform the workout and benefit from the exercises you choose to do.

An intense workout for a twenty one year old will be different from one designed for someone that is over the age of fifty. A twenty-one year old may include running in their workout, while someone over fifty might perform power or regular walking. Cycling, swimming, running, walking, cardio and strength workouts all have their place in a daily exercise routine, but the intensity of the workout should be governed by advice from your doctor and a certified fitness trainer.

Some of the essential ingredients for an effective daily workout are found in your food and fluid intake. Being hydrated is essential, so make sure to hydrate yourself throughout the day. Begin hydrating long before you start your workout because it takes a couple of hours for your body to absorb the water. Hydrate after you are finished as well. Make sure that you include lots of protein in your diet. Your muscles need protein to rebuild. A good source of protein designed to get where it needs to go and do so fast are whey or soy protein shakes. Have at least one shake before and after your workout. Carbohydrates are also important if you really want to get the most out of a daily workout. They are your body’s primary source of fuel. Eating bananas is a good way to get the kind of low fiber and high glycemic carbs you need.

The way you exercise is just as important as the fact that you do. If you perform muscle exercises be sure to lift slowly in both directions so that you get the most out of each movement. Lift and lower in each direction using a five second count. If you are working with weights, begin with lower weights so you can learn to focus on and practice good form. If you are unfamiliar with what proper form is, you will need to be instructed by a certified fitness trainer. After you have gotten the hang of proper form you can increase to heavier weights. Learning the right way to lift and work with weights means the difference between getting a worthwhile workout, and wasting your time. Heavy weights can produce excellent results when they are used correctly during short workouts with one set only, instead of two or three.

The best way to make the maximum use of the time you have to exercise is by working out multiple muscle groups at the same time. You can easily get a full body workout and exercise your muscles by having them all work together the way they normally do during regular daily activities. It is always best to include compound exercises like dead lifts, squats, push ups, bench presses, rows, military presses, dips, lunges, pull ups and good mornings in your routine. Maximize your work out by doing your exercises while standing up. This will help you to improve your balance and gain the ability to lift more weight over time.

There is no rule saying that exercise cannot be fun. Choosing your favorite type of exercise will stave off boredom and help you find the motivation you need to work out each day. Running, walking, swimming, biking, hiking, rowing and stair-master are all excellent choices. Regardless of your program, be sure to rest between sets. Another way to keep it interesting and protect your body from adjusting to the stress level of a repetitive daily program is by changing your exercise routine every few days and your strength training every few weeks. For good cardio, always cross train instead of just running. If you do run, walk or jog, it is a good idea to include hilly areas or streets with a decent grade on your route for the sake of building endurance.

Make sure you have a sound exercise and workout plan. Most fitness experts recommend that you alternate two or three days of high intensity strength training with the same number of days of high intensity cardio workouts. If you follow this method, you can exercise for just four days a week instead of five or more and get the same results. Strength training or cardio should last about thirty or forty minutes with short periods of rest. If you are new to daily exercising and workouts, avoid high intensity exercises until you can work your way up to those kinds of circuits.


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