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Are Boxer Dogs Right For You? Bill Knell

The Boxer breed of dog is a case of beauty being in the eye of the beholder. To some they are extremely well built and ruggedly handsome animals, to others the very definition of ugly. Like most modern breeds created from old line standards, the Boxer is a hybrid created by breeding the noble Old English Bulldog and the sturdy Bullenbeisser (an extinct offshoot of the Mastiff). The result was and remains a medium sized, short haired dog with a smooth fawn, white or brindle colored coat.This breed has been on the top ten list of popular dogs in the USA for some time. Boxers are accepted as a purebred dog breed by the American Kennel Club and other legitimate dog registries worldwide.

Boxers are notoriously loyal to their owners and fierce when challenged by strangers or other dogs. They get along well with cats, small dog breeds and most puppies, but may feel threatened by the presence of larger dogs. These dogs are very strong and energetic. They require daily vigorous exercise to maintain proper fitness and health. A Boxer would not be a good choice as an apartment or condo dog. Most decent sized backyards will provide enough room for them to run, play and exercise. Sometimes they will stand on their hind legs and move their front paws in a manner which makes it appear like they are boxing, which is how this breed got its name.

The Boxer breed is reasonably healthy with only three major health issues: Cancer, heart issues and hip dysplasia. If a Boxer has been carelessly bred or inbred it may also suffer from common canine health problems like epilepsy, hypothyroidism, eye ulcers an ulcerative colitis. The best way to avoid health problems which can be brought on by or exasperated by a poor diet and a lack of fitness is to feed your Boxer premium dog food and make sure your pet gets enough exercise.

Cheap dog food brands contain corn and other fillers that dogs cannot properly digest. Boxers need dry or wet food with quality proteins. High quality and all natural supplements can also be used to help fill the gaps in any dogís diet. They provide extra calcium, minerals and amino acids that promote good health by building up and maintaining your dogís immune system. Supplements also supply many of the essential elements needed for your animalís body processes.

Boxers are a very family friendly breed. They also make excellent watch and guard dogs. The key to success with a Boxer (or any dog) is proper training. Dogs exist on instinct, but they have the capacity to learn simple behaviors and follow simple commands. Boxers enjoy regular interaction with people and respond extremely well to commands. These dogs are fast learners, but owners need to begin their training when they are puppies and reinforce it throughout their lives.

Social interaction with Boxer dogs is very important. They are not as needy as some other breeds when it comes to constant attention, but do require some daily contact and interaction with their owners. Boxers are not known to be destructive and are unlikely to tear up their environment or yours. The best way to avoid behavior issues with a dog it to spend time with your pet, show affection towards them and make sure they understand who is in charge.

Like most medium to large dog breeds, ownership requires a significant financial commitment in terms of food, health care and environment. You cannot just tie your dog to a tree in the back yard. You must be sure that your pet has a safe, clean and properly fenced environment. Comply with local laws with regard to housing your dog, municipal vaccination requirements and check to be sure that your dog breed is allowed if you live in an HOA controlled neighborhood. Boxers are not eating machines, but they do eat more than toy dog breeds. You will need to be sure you account for the cost of premium dog food in your weekly budget. Itís also wise to begin putting aside some funds for yearly veterinarian health checks, vaccination updates and any possible treatments or medications that may be required.

Some veterinarians offer programs which allow pet owners to pay a few dollars a week or month towards future vet care and build up that balance with them so that the money is there when any sort of care is needed. Others have financing programs for qualified applicants. Apart from those solutions, pet health insurance is recommended. Make sure any insurance company you choose is legitimate and that your veterinarian will accept the type of pet health insurance you choose.

The relationship between a dog and its owner is one which requires trust and commitment by all the parties involved. Itís easy to adopt a dog, but a lot harder to live up to the responsibilities of ownership. You not only have to think and act as a responsible dog owner by providing proper training, food, a safe living environment and love, you also have to make sure your pet understands the boundaries you have set and follows the rules you put in place.


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