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Get Your Book off The Ground with a Ghost Writer Bill Knell

The ever-expanding world of the internet is continued proof that people love to read and expand their horizons through the stories and experiences of others. Whether it's fact or fiction, almost any story gets noticed. More than a few new and previously unknown authors have managed to successfully market their books online through self-publishing. There are now a number of companies that help new authors to accomplish this and get their books listed on big volume sales sites such as Amazon or others that specifically market for downloads and electronic readers instead of traditional print.

Despite all the help available to get your book published, there are still some things a new author has to personally do insure success. This 'to do' list must begin with producing a book that people will want to read. That's easier said than done because it's not just what you say, but the way you say it. Most new authors do not understand that there is a formula to writing a book that differs from simply producing an article, report or blog. That's where a Ghost Writer can help.

Ghost Writers are professionals that take your story and turn it into a manuscript that has the best chance of being successfully published and marketed. Most want no writing credits leaving you as the author. Fees range from a few thousand dollars to much more depending on the size and scope of the project. Some Ghost Writers charge by the page, others by the hour and many by the project. The best deal for new authors tends to be a lump sum solution.

Paying one fee in advance for the entire manuscript eases your mind, allows you to create a budget for self-publishing and provides the Ghost Writer with the funds needed to work on your book. All Ghost Writers require up front money to start a project anyway, so the one fee option is your best bet. The key to coming to that kind of an arrangement is properly defining your project. This will avoid misunderstandings that can gum up the works.

Start by emailing your prospective Ghost Writer some information about your book idea. Before you do, email them a disclaimer which should state that any materials you send are for the purpose of hiring them to write your book. Any ideas and materials you include are your intellectual property and will remain yours before, during and after the project. The Ghost Writer will likely reply to your disclaimer in the affirmative, look over what you send and come back with a quote and potential timeline for creation of the finished product.

Fictional stories will tend to command a smaller fee than non-fiction or technical works. If non-fiction is your plan and you want to tell a life story or something similar, be sure you have your facts straight and have considered the need to obtain permissions for any use of information or materials that might involve other people. Most Ghost Writers with non-fiction writing experience can guide you in the right direction.

Once a fee is agree upon, a simple contract is signed and the fee is paid, your project becomes a partnership between you and your Ghost Writer. You know what's in your heart and head, but your Ghost Writer doesn't. Explaining the vision you have for your book is essential. Once you get past that point, you need to provide as much material for the project as possible. The easier you make it for your Ghost Writer, the better product he or she will produce.

Working with a Ghost Writer is not complicated process. The best way to keep things simple and on track to leave the work to your professional. Remember, the goal of a good Ghost Writer is produce a book that will sell. Allow your professional time to write. Don't expect to receive a call or email every day unless they have a question. Expect to receive samples of completed chapters or sections. Thoroughly read these and suggest any changes.

When your manuscript is completed, the self-publishing company you have chosen to work with will guide along the rest of the path to getting your book published and marketed. However, it's important to remember that no one will ever care as much about your book and its success as you do. Self promotion on social media and internet radio can help.


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