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Marijuana, Bullies and Health Bill Knell

The news media tends to practice social engineering by bombarding people with what they believe will improve the lives of society as a whole. It doesn't seem to matter to them if the actions and morals they wholeheartedly support end up damaging people's lives and destroying the moral fiber of nations.

The constant support for the legalisation of Marijuana is a good example. News reports on many local and national media outlets portray the U.S. Government as bad guys trying to keep people from the happy hallucinogenic. While some states have legalised it, Marijuana is still illegal as far as the feds are concerned. Let's look at the reasons why.

Many scientific and scholarly studies indicate that Marijuana use in any form can cause psychosis, exasperate bipolar conditions, cause heart attacks and promote antisocial behavior. A recent study by the Ohio State University concluded that 11.4 percent of middle school bullies used cannabis compared to just 1.6 percent who were not involved in bullying. Among high school students, 31.7 percent of bullies used marijuana, compared to 13.3 percent who were not involved.

There has been an undeniable rise in crime, cases of impaired driving and the sudden establishment of crime syndicates in states where Marijuana has been legalised. The cost to local and state agencies to deal with these issues has been substantial. Those costs often extend to nearby states where weed remains illegal. People will cross state lines to buy Marijuana, then return with enough to personally use, share or sell. This puts tremendous pressure on law enforcement, courts and medical facilities.

Some people who suffer from extreme pain due to illness use Marijuana and claim it provides them with relief. In that regard I believe its use should be prescribed and monitored. Sadly, many people who use weed for other than medical reasons have managed to get the documentation required in some areas to purchase, possess and use it. That is one of the primary reasons why the feds are unlikely to legalise Marijuana for any use. Another is the concern that weed may cause more health problems than it does offer relief, especially with regard to its use by young people.

Scientific studies have linked the use of Marijuana by adolescents and teens to addiction, breathing problems, possible poisoning, impaired brain development and many other health issues. When young people mix weed with prescription drugs or alcohol the health risks greatly increase. There has also been a strong link between youthful Marijuana use and a transition to Heroine, Cocaine and other dangerous substances. Think before you use.


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