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Try Common Sense
Tuesday, 25 February 2020
More Surprises About Mars
Now Playing: The Martian Bugs Are Real


Doctor Know Bill at 1:34 PM EST
Sunday, 24 November 2019
Do they have RAID BUG SPRAY on MARS???
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Now Playing: Do they have RAID BUG SPRAY on MARS???
Topic: Try Common Sense

Yea, folks, dem bugs musta hitched a ride on da Mars Rover!

Doctor Know Bill at 1:34 PM EST
Thursday, 21 November 2019
Navy up to their old tricks...
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Topic: Try Common Sense

Several Navy officers who witnessed the now-famous Nimitz UFO encounter in 2004 say "unknown individuals" showed up after the event and made them turn over data recordings and videos, according to Popular Mechanics.

For several days in November 2004, a Navy missile cruiser sailing around 100 miles (160 kilometers) off the coast of southern California detected strange radar signals emanating from an object in the sky. The signals were erratic and didn't seem to match those given off by known aircraft. The Navy then deployed fighter jets to catch a closer glimpse of the strange object, and one succeeded in recording a blurry, black-and-white video that was, to the government's chagrin, publicly released in 2017 along with two other videos of UFO sightings from years later.

Five Navy veterans recently spoke to Popular Mechanics about what they experienced at the time. The veterans were part of the Navy's Strike Carrier Group 11 and were sailing on the USS Princeton on a training mission prior to their upcoming deployment in the Arabian Sea.

The strange radar signals came from an object that would quickly change altitudes, sometimes lurking at 80,000 feet (24,000 meters) and other times hanging around at 30,000 feet (9,000 m), they told Popular Mechanics. The UFO (an "unidentified flying object," which doesn't necessarily belong to aliens) became known as "Tic Tac" because of its shape. Tic Tac gave off a phosphorus glow at night and would dart around in various directions, said one of the veterans, Gary Voorhis, who looked at the object through binoculars on the ship.

Voorhis recalled that sometime after the officers recorded these strange radio signals, two people showed up on a helicopter, and 20 minutes later,  Voorhis' chain of command (a higher-up authority figure) told him to turn over the data recordings. His chain of command also told him to delete the recordings on the ship. "They even told me to erase everything that's in the shop — even the blank tapes," he told Popular Mechanics. 

Similarly, Petty Officer Patrick "P.J." Hughes, who was an aviation technician, claimed that his commanding officer and two unknown men asked him to turn over the hard drives from the plane. 

However, Cmdr. David Fravor, one of the pilots who got a close view of Tic Tac on a fighter jet, told a different story. In various past interviews, Fravor said the videotapes of the UFO disappeared — not because of any "men in suits" but because people had unintentionally recorded over them. 

Fravor previously told The New York Times that he and Lt. Cmdr. Jim Slaight spotted the object, which was about 40 feet (12 m) long. As they descended in the fighter jet, the object ascended to meet them but then abruptly veered away and disappeared, he told the Times.

The details of what happened in 2004, both in the sky and down below, remain ambiguous. To learn more about what these Navy witnesses had to say, read Popular Mechanics' original feature.

Doctor Know Bill at 10:53 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 21 November 2019 10:55 AM EST
Friday, 15 November 2019

I have been saying it for a year... But WHY should you listen to the Most Interesting Man In The World? Because I am always right! I did make a mistake once... I thought I was wrong.

I never recommended the stock, but I did predict that Disney would score BIG with Disney Plus streaming. I told you all they needed actors and models for the 45+ original shows they will be producing. If you listened when they came to your town through Barbazon, you are probably ready for your close up.

So here is Bill's Stock Tips:
and most 5G development corps and companies.

Netflix and Hulu are allegedly worried about Disney as a major competitor. And the White House is behind American 5G developers.

Good luck.



Doctor Know Bill at 6:01 PM EST
Stock Tips?

I have been saying it for a year... But WHY should you listen to the Most Interesting Man In The World? Because I am always right! I did make a mistake once... I thought I was wrong.

I never recommended the stock, but I did predict that Disney would score BIG with Disney Plus streaming. I told you all they needed actors and models for the 45+ original shows they will be producing. If you listened when they came to your town through Barbazon, you are probably ready for your close up.

So here is Bill's Stock Tips:
and most 5G development corps and companies.

Netflix and Hulu are allegedly worried about Disney as a major competitor. And the White House is behind American 5G developers.

Good luck.

Doctor Know Bill at 1:38 PM EST
Monday, 4 November 2019
Bill's Rant
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: Bill's Rant
Topic: Try Common Sense
Some days I feel like a joke without a punch line. Today is one of those days. But I keep on chuggin' ahead at half speed like a car with a flat. I really like the Rocky movies and they inspire me. I could stay up all night feeling sorry for myself, and I might just do that tonight. Why? Well, that's personal. 

I'll just say I get tired of being treated like an old guy who needs a babysitter or gets ignored altogether. Is it too much to ask for a kind word now and then... a bit of praise from people you care  about? So I guess I am a contender. Maybe so, but this Old Guy can punch. 

There are tons of people out there who are so called Paranormal Experts. They give lectures at a few colleges, but most speak at UFO conferences where they pat each other on the back, then go online and write garbage about the rest of us. See my website.

One was put away in a mental institution for trying to murder local officials who disagreed with him. He was nominated as Ufologist of the Year by a major UFO Organization (take a guess which one). Another was the so called Pentagon Whistleblower who, it turns out, never worked there according to a newspaper expose.

How many of these people spoke before hundreds of US Air Force Academy Cadets in the 1990s about the US Government cover-up? That was an experience! Yet, they all enjoyed my multimedia presentation, as did many of their instructors.

I got 245,000 visits on my IMDb page so far this month as a writer, director, narrator and producer. Taylor Swift, Bradley Cooper, Madonna and Beyonce together didn't get that many. Over 10 million visits in two years. 8 million so far this year. Use this link and see for yourselves.

3 new books this year (True Crime, History and my own life story)  and lots of articles, most of the articles free on my website. TV Scripts, a Play, a Blog, a Podcast, and so many awards I can't find them all to list on my website. Don't get me wrong, no one owes me anything. I don't want a "Thank you for your service" as a Marine. Just a little human compassion and the occasional compliment.

And, yea, I still have all my mental faculties. No sign of dementia, forgetfulness or Senior Moments. If you have an older friend or family member: Treat them with respect. No special treatment, just sincerity. Give them an honest compliment once in a while. I'm only 63 and 60 is the new 40.

****Above all, make them feel like they mean something in your life. 

OK, no more Jerry McGuire style ranting for a while. How are all you folks doing?

Doctor Know Bill at 11:46 PM EST
What is love?
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Love
Topic: Try Common Sense

Feelings That Are Easily Mistaken For Love

Kirstie Taylor

I’m a firm believer that no one really can define love or how it feels. It’s like describing a color to someone. You can simply point at something you’ve been told is the color, but using words to define it is futile.
Love is elusive. Love looks different for everyone. And love can be one of the greatest mysteries we experience as human beings.
Some people claim you’ll just know when it happens. There will be no doubt in your mind.
But many people leave relationships and realize they weren’t actually in love. They simply mistook a different feeling for what they think love must feel like.
So while there is no way to really describe love — no indicator for when you’re in it — there is room to talk about instances you might mistake for love.
And those will be key to avoiding a lot of hurt emotions and complacency.
When your own life is unstable, you crave stability elsewhere. If you begin to date someone that has their life running somewhat smoothly, chances are you’ll feel a connection to them.
And while dating someone stable is healthy, it’s not love. If you’re not aware of this occurrence, you could easily slip into complacency with someone that doesn’t truly interest you. Hello, one reason for divorce.
A Rollercoaster
I dated an emotionally abusive guy. He’d have my crying on our bathroom floor and cuddling in bed, lovingly doting on each other, all in one day. This happened often.
A rollercoaster evokes strong feelings. When you think things are going good, you’re all the sudden hit with a huge drop that’s terrifying and thrilling all at once.
Going from one emotional peak to the next is often mistaken for passion. But love isn’t tear-soaked pillows and kisses on the forehead every day; it’s compassion and care for one another.
Great Sex
Our society places a great deal on sex: it’s in our advertising; it’s heightened in TV shows. Sex is everywhere.
We’re taught to believe the most profound emotional connection we can have with someone is when we’re naked, in bed, and getting it on.
But this is only one aspect to a relationship. And, in my honest opinion, a tiny element of a healthy relationship.
If you’re having great sex, that’s amazing. Kudos to you both. But remember that your relationship occurs mostly outside your bed (or at least it should). If the rest of your relationship is lackluster, then chances are you’re not in love.
Someone Being Nice To You
Guilty, party of one! I’ve dated several guys from my circle of friends. They were kind to me. At times when I was most insecure or going through a breakup, they were there to listen.
When you’ve dated a lot of horrible guys, it can quickly feel like you’re in love when someone finally treats you in a decent way. But this is not love, and you must be careful not to use this person as your emotional support dog.
Getting wildly upset over your partner talking to someone of the opposite sex isn’t love. Nor is it very healthy.
It’s a sign of insecurities; either with yourself or with your partner. Try addressing why it is that you feel the way you do. Is it because you believe you’re not good enough for your partner? Or do you not trust your partner?
A Self-Made Illusion
Putting your partner on a pedestal is a real thing. It’s like when we were in high school and wanted so badly to date the quarterback. But in reality, he was pretty douchey and had the emotional depth of a teaspoon.
But he was good-looking, and on the football team, so we put him on a pedestal.
Idealizing your partner is making them into an illusion. Because no one is perfect; everyone will falter. You’re not lucky to be with your partner, and that ill-founded idea of “luck” doesn’t equate to love.
Sometimes, we feel an intense connection with another person. But that doesn’t mean it’s love.
I have a lot of guy friends. As a heterosexual girl, this is a slippery slope. Guys tend to try to take things to a romantic level. And sometimes, I do too.
As a hopeful romantic, I want to give everyone a chance. But this tends to be my fault. I mistake a deep connection for someone as love rather than what it is: a friendship.
If you feel a deep connection for someone, but the lack of sexual desire is apparent, then you too could be mistaking love for friendship.
Love is a mystery but a beautiful one to experience. When found, like any relationship, it requires care and intentional work to keep it flourishing.
Just be sure that what you have is love, first.
From BILL,
My podcast has begun! Check it out at

Doctor Know Bill at 12:43 PM EST
Saturday, 26 October 2019
Alexandra Holzer has a new TV Series
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: News

 Check out the article. I'll be starting a podcast soon. I'll announce it here. Meanwhile, I'll try to make more blog entries after I finish the work that's piling up. Visit my website at Lotsa free articles and videos. Watch The Ghost Of Flight 401 if you want some FRIGHT in your life!


Doctor Know Bill at 1:05 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 26 October 2019 1:06 PM EDT
Alexandra Holder has a new TV Series
Mood:  caffeinated
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Entry Content

Doctor Know Bill at 1:05 PM EDT
Monday, 2 September 2019
Well, let me tell you...
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Try Common Sense
Today I have decided to offer some advice...

I am weary of watching people kill themselves and torture their families with a drug problem. I don't care if it makes you feel better or doesn't. 

When it comes to drugs it's a personal choice. The government should have learned by now that you cannot legislate morality. Wake up Uncle Sam! The more you tell people not to do something, the more they will do it.

The Soviets were going to create a paradise for the workers of the world. All they did was replace one oppressive regime with another. In Russia they rightly say, There will always be a Czar." Just look at Putin.

The government tried to tell people who to marry. Courts changed that. However, by passing the original restrictive marriage laws, the idiots in D.C. gave the courts  the ability to legislate from the bench. Same sex marriages are now mostly legal. Here's the downside... 

People are now suing to be allowed to have multiple wives and husbands, as well as to marry close relatives or even their own children. Some want to legally marry their pets and give them the same rights and benefits as people. So I wonder what the Social Security retirement age will be in dog years???

People filing those lawsuits will probably end up winning.  Why? Because constitutionally, the Government doesn't have a leg to stand on. Courts will look at the over reaching Bigamy Laws and toss them. You know the Supreme(ly Stupid) Court will get rid of those laws or misinterpret them as they did when they used the old 'Congress shall establish no religion... blah blah blah...' to kick God and prayer out of schools. Just because you don't like or disagree with what people do doesn't mean you can outlaw it.

They made booze illegal during Prohibition which made criminals rich and created a Nationwide crime wave. They took smoking ads off TV, taxed tabbaco products like never before and set an age limit on the purchase of them. Now, the number of school age kids that smoke increases expepadentially each year.

If someone is bent on putting pleasure above their health, their friends, their family or their job, you cannot stop them. When I see someone hooked on alcoholic beverages or tabbaco, I know they are knocking years off their life. That's bad enough, but when I see someone hooked on cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, crack and so on, I see someone who is dead already.

Watching someone you know do drugs is like being on a ship and seeing someone purposely drowning in the water. They jumped in already knowing that  they could not swim. You throw them a life vest, but they don't put it on. You throw them a flotation life saver, but they refuse to grab it. If you jump in and try to save them, they will pull you down with them.

  Wanna end drug addiction? Give every dealer a death sentence just as they give their customers one. Bomb and kill people who grow, refine or chemically create drugs and pharma products to sell. Most of all, use the few brain cells that God gave you to pass up lethal substances. You know God, he's that guy that made everything and isn't allowed in schools. He wants you to live a happy and fulfilling life. If you don't believe in him, see where that gets you. 

And you Progressives... In case you think God (if you pretend to believe in him) says it's OK to murder children in the womb, let drug dealers out of prison early or allow illegals to murder citizens with no consequences... Well, I suggest you get used to a very hot climate and tell the undertaker to dress you in light clothing when you pass.

Now that I have made you mad, visit my new Book Store


Doctor Know Bill at 4:11 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 2 September 2019 4:47 PM EDT

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