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Try Common Sense
Monday, 2 September 2019
Well, let me tell you...
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Try Common Sense
Today I have decided to offer some advice...

I am weary of watching people kill themselves and torture their families with a drug problem. I don't care if it makes you feel better or doesn't. 

When it comes to drugs it's a personal choice. The government should have learned by now that you cannot legislate morality. Wake up Uncle Sam! The more you tell people not to do something, the more they will do it.

The Soviets were going to create a paradise for the workers of the world. All they did was replace one oppressive regime with another. In Russia they rightly say, There will always be a Czar." Just look at Putin.

The government tried to tell people who to marry. Courts changed that. However, by passing the original restrictive marriage laws, the idiots in D.C. gave the courts  the ability to legislate from the bench. Same sex marriages are now mostly legal. Here's the downside... 

People are now suing to be allowed to have multiple wives and husbands, as well as to marry close relatives or even their own children. Some want to legally marry their pets and give them the same rights and benefits as people. So I wonder what the Social Security retirement age will be in dog years???

People filing those lawsuits will probably end up winning.  Why? Because constitutionally, the Government doesn't have a leg to stand on. Courts will look at the over reaching Bigamy Laws and toss them. You know the Supreme(ly Stupid) Court will get rid of those laws or misinterpret them as they did when they used the old 'Congress shall establish no religion... blah blah blah...' to kick God and prayer out of schools. Just because you don't like or disagree with what people do doesn't mean you can outlaw it.

They made booze illegal during Prohibition which made criminals rich and created a Nationwide crime wave. They took smoking ads off TV, taxed tabbaco products like never before and set an age limit on the purchase of them. Now, the number of school age kids that smoke increases expepadentially each year.

If someone is bent on putting pleasure above their health, their friends, their family or their job, you cannot stop them. When I see someone hooked on alcoholic beverages or tabbaco, I know they are knocking years off their life. That's bad enough, but when I see someone hooked on cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, crack and so on, I see someone who is dead already.

Watching someone you know do drugs is like being on a ship and seeing someone purposely drowning in the water. They jumped in already knowing that  they could not swim. You throw them a life vest, but they don't put it on. You throw them a flotation life saver, but they refuse to grab it. If you jump in and try to save them, they will pull you down with them.

  Wanna end drug addiction? Give every dealer a death sentence just as they give their customers one. Bomb and kill people who grow, refine or chemically create drugs and pharma products to sell. Most of all, use the few brain cells that God gave you to pass up lethal substances. You know God, he's that guy that made everything and isn't allowed in schools. He wants you to live a happy and fulfilling life. If you don't believe in him, see where that gets you. 

And you Progressives... In case you think God (if you pretend to believe in him) says it's OK to murder children in the womb, let drug dealers out of prison early or allow illegals to murder citizens with no consequences... Well, I suggest you get used to a very hot climate and tell the undertaker to dress you in light clothing when you pass.

Now that I have made you mad, visit my new Book Store


Doctor Know Bill at 4:11 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 2 September 2019 4:47 PM EDT

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